Fork of HS20...

Erik Trimble erik.trimble at
Tue Feb 1 19:26:12 PST 2011

Hi folks,

This is a notification that we've forked Hotspot 20, for use off in the 
6Update train of release.

The master OpenJDK 7 repository for Hotspot will henceforth contain 
Hotspot 21.

I've created a OpenJDK repository set which contains the last pre-fork 
Hotspot 20 build (b07):

As usual, we (Oracle) will be updating this OpenJDK HS20 repository with 
(some) of the work we're doing on the 6Update release train, and I would 
expect that we will be pushing JDK6-specific fixes into there as time 
goes forward.

Please feel free to submit JDK6-specific fixes for HS20 per the usual 
channels for inclusion in these repositories.

Erik Trimble
Java System Support
Mailstop:  usca22-123
Phone:  x17195
Santa Clara, CA

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