Review OSX universal mode patch

Henri Gomez henri.gomez at
Thu May 10 08:38:25 PDT 2012

> Frankly, an Open Source project is not run by it's users - it's run by it's developers. If no developers come forward to actively support 32-bit, then the only possible outcome is for it to be dropped. If this is unacceptable to the users, they may choose to become developers and either contribute their expertise, or fork the project.

OpenSource project destination is not developers but users.
Developers didn't code to please themselves but to provide a value and
products to end users.

And when you users are also Developers, Java developers, you could be
confident they know what they want

> Apple provide a 32/64 Universal implementation, but Oracle has only committed to shipping a 64-bit only implementation for their proprietary product. The OpenJDK product should be build-able for 32 or 32/64 Universal by anyone else, and should accept contributions to it's maintenance, but if nobody is signing up to keep forward-porting the changes - they don't have a future.

All platforms supported by Oracle for Java 7 have both 32 and 64 JVM except OSX.
There was a miss for OSX users community between Apple to Oracle
transition., 32/64 bits support was available, they lost it, too bad.

> Am I missing something here?

Nothing, this question about 32/64 bits has been raised longtime ago,
at time where OpenJDK 7 for OSX moved from macosx-port to jdk7u.
I spend some time to see how to bring universal 32/64 bits support
back, there is no interest here, end of game.

I won't comment anymore this thread, I already asked Dalibor to drop
my OCA and wait how I should resign officially from OpenJDK project.

Cheers and long life OSS

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