[7u-dev] Request for approval for bulk integration of 7u11 changes

Seán Coffey sean.coffey at oracle.com
Tue Jan 15 06:51:19 PST 2013

As correctly pointed out by Andrew, I should have obtained approval for 
the 7u11 -> 7u-dev sync changes.

I'd like to retroactively request approval for 7u-dev now.

bugIDs were :

changeset 1:
8004933: Improve MethodHandle interaction with libraries
8006017: Improve lookup resolutions

changeset 2:
8006125: Update MethodHandles library interactions


I had issues with webrev generation since changesets were in parent. 
(redirecting to the original parent found the changesets but gave me 0 
diff files, a bug in webrev.ksh I suspect)


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