jdk7u-b24: jdk7u-dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Mon May 6 11:50:11 PDT 2013



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8012325   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] closed/java/awt/event/MouseEvent/EnterAsGrabbedEvent/EnterAsGrabbedEvent.html doesn't release mouse button
JDK-8007458   client-libs     [findbugs] One more beans issue, with ReflectionUtils
JDK-8004821   client-libs     Graphics2D.drawPolygon() fails with IllegalPathStateException
JDK-8000435   client-libs     [macosx] Button painting error under Java 7 on Mac
JDK-7153702   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] [macosx] Synchronization problem in test javax/swing/JPopupMenu/6827786/bug6827786.java
JDK-8012019   core-libs       (fc) Thread.interrupt triggers hang in FileChannelImpl.pread (win)
JDK-8011380   core-libs       FX dependency on PlatformLogger broken by 8010309
JDK-8010939   core-libs       Deadlock in LogManager
JDK-8010309   core-libs       Improve PlatformLogger.isLoggable performance by direct mapping from an integer to Level
JDK-7163898   core-libs       add isLoggable() check to doLog()
JDK-8008763   globalization   7u21 l10n resource file translation update
JDK-8013205   hotspot         TestIncreaseRecordingTime fails with AssertionError
JDK-8013124   hotspot         jfr/gc/TestYoungGarbageCollectionEvent has incorrect @run tags (runs a different test)
JDK-8013023   hotspot         Add test for EvacuationInfoEvent
JDK-8012935   hotspot         Improve TestThreadSleepEvent
JDK-8012918   hotspot         [jfr] add jcmd tests
JDK-8012580   hotspot         jfr.h out of sync between hotspot and jdk repos
JDK-8012568   hotspot         JFR Event: Class Loading and Unloading 957886
JDK-8012207   hotspot         TestHeapSummaryEventG1.java failed with exception on Solaris-sparc
JDK-8012104   hotspot         Disable fasttime in GC tests that are using the constant pool
JDK-8010716   hotspot         Remove last incomplete GC batch if ConcurrentMarkSweep
JDK-8010514   hotspot         G1: Concurrent mode failure tracing event
JDK-8010157   hotspot         Add tests for heap statistics events
JDK-8010156   hotspot         Add heap statistics events to default.jfc and profile.jfc
JDK-8009279   hotspot         Add test for heap summary event for Concurrent CMS collector
JDK-8008702   hotspot         System Processes event missing for Solaris
JDK-8008701   hotspot         CPU load event missing for Solaris
JDK-8008700   hotspot         CPU Information event missing for SPARC
JDK-8006120   infrastructure  Provide "Server JRE" for 7u train
JDK-7185367   infrastructure  Sign specific binaries for Mac OS X
JDK-6983966   infrastructure  remove lzma and upx from repository JDK8
JDK-8010108   install         Files-in-use for jqs.exe
JDK-8009871   install         [MACOSX]JRE installed through Scheduled AU will have incorrect user/group ownership
JDK-8009782   install         More reliable control panel operation
JDK-8008179   install         offer the ability to turn off patching without the need to rebuild
JDK-8007703   install         Remove com.sun.servicetag API
JDK-8007158   install         AU: jucheck displays jucheck.exe instead of "Java Auto Updater" because Oracle Signing isn't passed a description
JDK-8006911   install         Improve installation process
JDK-8003338   install         More reliable control panel operation
JDK-8002354   install         More cleanup after updating Java
JDK-8001586   install         Enhance update process for better reliability
JDK-7198363   install         Service tag should be disabled for Linux RPM and Solaris SVR4 packages
JDK-7172413   install         7u6 rpm installation issue
JDK-7096565   install         Installers do not invoke the browser with the verification page
JDK-8011986   other-libs      [corba] idlj generates read/write union helper methods that throw wrong exception in some cases
JDK-4504275   other-libs      CORBA boolean type unions do not generate compilable code  from idlj

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