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> On 4/30/13 6:50 PM, Kurt Miller wrote:
> > The 7u source bundle [1] is quite outdated now (7u6 Aug 2012). Would it be
> > possible to get it updated to 7u21? This bundle is helpful to bsd-port
> > where we download the 7u source bundle and then apply our changes from
> > bsd-port to this.
> I'd expect that an updated bundle would be published for 7u40. I think that
> would be a better starting point, if we started doing that, then starting
> with 7u6 now and cumulatively applying past patches.
> Whether and how to start doing that is another question, though.

The main issue with that is that it means the latest 7u source bundle will
be insecure for over a year.  The 7u6 source bundle does not include the
security fixes in u7, u9, u11, u15, u17 or u21.

If it helps, the BSD project can download the latest IcedTea 2.x release:


and run:

$ ./configure ; make download-openjdk

This will provide tarballs of each of the repositories with all security fixes without
the need for Mercurial.

It would actually be nice to have IcedTea support *BSD, but I've never had chance to look at it.
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