[7u40] Request for approval for 3 test_bug backports : 7152866, 8005555, 7152798

Seán Coffey sean.coffey at oracle.com
Wed May 15 01:53:21 PDT 2013

With the recent changes in jtreg, tests without a @compile or @run 
target are flagged as failures. Some of these failures are now seen in 
jdk7u base which have already been fixed in jdk8. I'm not seeing any bug 
reports on bugs.sun.com today, seems to be a glitch.

Changes are similar to the jdk8 changesets with exception of tweaks to 
7152866. The problemlist.txt file didn't need modification and 2 tests 
existed in jdk8 only. (nio related)

7152866: Tests not run because they are missing the @run tag

8005555: TEST_BUG: 
java/io/Serializable/accessConstants/AccessConstants.java should be removed

7152798: TEST_BUG: 
sun/management/HotspotClassLoadingMBean/GetClassLoadingTime.java does 
not compile

proposed webrev :


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