jdk7u-b04: jdk7u-dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Tue Dec 23 00:09:56 UTC 2014



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8013849   client-libs     Awt assert on Hashtable.cpp:124
JDK-8065098   client-libs     JColorChooser no longer supports drag and drop between two JVM instances
JDK-8066756   client-libs     Test test/sun/awt/dnd/8024061/bug8024061.java fails
JDK-8047961   client-libs     [TESTBUG] closed/java/awt/Focus/ActivateFocusTest/ActivateFocusTest.html fails intermittently
JDK-8031765   client-libs     [TEST] Child process  error stream is not empty! 
JDK-8062771   core-libs       Core reflection should use final fields whenever possible
JDK-8065552   core-libs       setAccessible(true) on fields of Class may throw a SecurityException
JDK-8061648   deploy          JavaWS fails with proxy autoconfig due to missing "dnsResolve"
JDK-8043227   deploy          Launching of unsigned JNLP applet with extensions prints JARSigningException
JDK-8066008   deploy          More information Button on mixed code warning dialog doesn't work as expected
JDK-8058697   deploy          on linux, mixed code operation is blocked silently without showing mixed code dialog
JDK-8066649   hotspot         8u backport for 8065618 is incorrect
JDK-8065618   hotspot         C2 RA incorrectly removes kill projections
JDK-8054478   hotspot         C2: Incorrectly compiled char[] array access crashes JVM
JDK-8062672   hotspot         JVM crashes during GC on various asserts which checks that HeapWord ptr is an oop
JDK-8035893   hotspot         JVM_GetVersionInfo fails to zero structure
JDK-8065765   hotspot         Missing space in output message from -XX:+CheckEndorsedAndExtDirs
JDK-8020675   hotspot         invalid jar file in the bootclasspath could lead to jvm fatal error
JDK-8066045   hotspot         opto/node.hpp:355, assert(i < _max) failed: oob: i=1, _max=1
JDK-8066775   hotspot         opto/node.hpp:355, assert(i < _max) failed: oob: i=1, _max=1
JDK-8001579   security-libs   Cleanup warnings in security native code
JDK-6695379   tools           Copy method annotations and parameter annotations to synthetic bridge methods
JDK-8065674   tools           javac generates incorrect LVT table for trivial cases
JDK-7172176   tools           test/sun/tools/jconsole/ImmutableResourceTest.sh failing

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