Say hello to Mathias Axelsson

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Wed Apr 4 09:31:00 PDT 2012

I'd like to introduce Mathias Axelsson, who will be helping me to
schedule, coordinate, and track all the work being done on JDK 8.

Mathias is Oracle's release manager for the Oracle JDK 8 product.
That's almost entirely based on the JDK 8 code here in OpenJDK, of
course, so it's natural that he should have a public presence here
as well.  He held the same role for Oracle's JDK 7 product, though
from behind the scenes as far as OpenJDK was concerned.

Mathias is new to doing development in the open but he does learn
quickly, so please go easy on him.

By way of background, Mathias has been working as a release manager
since 2005, first at BEA and then at Oracle on the JRockit virtual
machine and related products.  Since the Sun acquisition he's been
the lead release manager for the Oracle JDK releases.  Prior to his
role as a release manager he worked in QA and on lab infrastructure
at BEA.

- Mark

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