Proposed dates for JDK 8

Martijn Verburg martijnverburg at
Mon Apr 9 04:20:42 PDT 2012

Hi all,

2012/4/4 13:43 -0700, martijnverburg at
> > One of the areas the JUGs would like to help with is to rally the
> prominent OSS
> > projects to test OpenJDK 8 early (try to avoid Lucene type issues). We
> were
> > originally thinking about a simple wiki table ticking off projects vs
> > milestones. Is this something that would be useful? If so at what
> Milestone
> > would you like us to really start pushing the message / running tests on?
> I think the best time to encourage widespread testing would be a
> little bit after Feature Complete (M6).  For JDK 7 we scheduled
> a post-FC "Developer Preview" milestone and encouraged people to
> download and test that.  Quite a few people did, and hopefully
> with help from the LJC and other JUGS we can get an even better
> response next time around.
> Testing even earlier is, of course, also valuable.  As we get
> further along we'll post a table of which features are expected
> to arrive (or did arrive) in which milestone, so that people
> interested in specific features can focus their effort.
> Mathias -- Let's add an M7 Developer Preview miletone to the
> JDK 8 schedule.  I'll leave it to you to pick the exact date.
> It'd also be good to have specific dates for the other points in
> time you mentioned (rampdown start, P1-P3 only, etc.), though it
> probably doesn't make sense to call those milestones.  Thanks.

I've started a very rough matrix at

My intention is simply to list:

* project name
* the primary point of contact
* mailing list
* the milestones that the project has identified that they're willing to
put time/resource against testing against.

Hopefully this will give us a solid list of projects/people to co-ordinate
with around the M6+ timeframe.

I've started reaching out to a few projects asking them to consider M6+ as
a good time to put some real effort into Java 8 testing and asked those who
can to try out builds even earlier than that. As I get responses I'll keep
adding them to the matrix.

Any questions, "Argh no you're going about it all wrong" comments welcome


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