jdk8-b34: JSN, Tools, Core Libraries, Serviceability, 2d, Awt, and Swing

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Tue Apr 10 15:09:37 PDT 2012



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):
7136506 java build            FDS: rework jdk repo Full Debug Symbols support
7155585 java build            Fix ifeq errors in makefiles [macosx]
7157296 java build            FDS: ENABLE_FULL_DEBUG_SYMBOLS flag should only affect OPT b
7124428 java classes_awt      [macosx] Frame.setExtendedState() doesn't work for undecorat
7124551 java classes_awt      [macosx] Once added, Menu shortcut cannot be removed
7132692 java classes_awt      [macosx] Class com.apple.eawt not functioning
7149085 java classes_awt      [macosx] Quit with QuitStrategy CLOSE_ALL_WINDOWS does termi
7150516 java classes_awt      [macosx] appletviewer shouldn't link against libX11 on the M
7153735 java classes_awt      [macosx] Text with diacritics is pasted with broken encoding
7154177 java classes_awt      [macosx] An invisible owner frame becomes visible upon click
7070436 java classes_lang     Support Unicode 6.1.0 in JDK 8
7134701 java classes_net      [macosx] Support legacy native library names
7152582 java classes_security PKCS11 tests should use the NSS libraries available in the O
4310381 java classes_swing    Text in multi-row/col JTabbedPane tabs can be truncated/clip
6888634 java classes_swing    test/closed/javax/swing/Popup/TaskbarPositionTest.java fails
7093156 java classes_swing    NLS: Please change the mnemonic assignment system to avoid t
7155298 java classes_swing    Editable TextArea/TextField are blocking GUI applications fr
6963841 java classes_util_con java/util/concurrent/Phaser/Basic.java fails intermittently
7156459 java classes_util_i18 Remove unnecessary get() from Currency.getInstance()
7158483 java classes_util_i18 (tz) Support tzdata2012c
7133185 java compiler         Update 292 overload resolution logic to match JLS
7151492 java compiler         Encapsulate check logic into Attr.ResultInfo
7151580 java compiler         Separate DA/DU logic from exception checking logic in Flow.j
7157165 java compiler         Regression: code with disjunctive type crashes javac
7157688 java compiler         Regression: common compiler diagnostic features swapped requ
7155167 java jfr              VMJFR.c:459: store_tzlocale: Assertion `len_locale < 10' fai
7156000 java jfr              Change makefile to reflect refactoring classes
7156831 java monitoring       The jcmd man page is not included in generated bundles
7155300 java tools            Include pthread.h on all POSIX platforms except Solaris to i
7156976 java tools            improve java tools testing
7158090 java tools            (launcher) newly added ToolsOpts.java fails on openjdk build
7146728 jce  other            Inconsistent length for the generated secret using DH key ag
7155051 jndi dns              DNS provider may return incorrect results
7142172 jsse runtime          Custom X509TrustManagers that return null for getAcceptedIss

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