First build-infra push to jdk8 -- try out the new build system!

Fredrik Öhrström oehrstroem at
Fri Apr 13 06:50:23 PDT 2012

2012/4/13 Weijun Wang < at>:
> Oh. I see all CPU 100% and then go to look at the build process, and it's
> hotspot.

Correct. The configure script detects the number of cores and sets
the correct env variables to use all cores for building.

If you do not want that, you reduce the number of cores --with-num-cores=

> Latter. It slows down the whole computer.

Yes, your browser/tetris experience suffers, because it uses the
entire computer for building.
Previously, you probably used only a single core, unless you knew how to set the
correct env variable.


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