LJC OpenJDK Warnings hack day

Chris Hegarty chris.hegarty at oracle.com
Thu Apr 19 14:49:38 PDT 2012

I'll help with reviewing/pushing any changes in the core/net area, or 
any area where the changes are straight forward and non controversial 
(and the area owner agrees).

   I'm based in Dublin Ireland. Will be online in your timezone if you 
need to bounce any ideas/questions.


On 19/04/12 13:32, Martijn Verburg wrote:
> Thanks Stuart,
> This is very much appreciated!  We're more than happy to have patches
> reviewed as and when is convenient for you time and workload wise.  As
> discussed with Cecilia, Tomas et al (they were in London a few days ago)
> we're going to set up a pre-review group and try (we're still learning) to
> apply the same sorts of rules that an OpenJDK committer would. This should
> triage the patches into sensible sets and punt anything that doesn't meet
> the 'Do no harm" nature of these fixes.
> Cheers,
> Martijn
> On 19 April 2012 01:44, Stuart Marks<stuart.marks at oracle.com>  wrote:
>> Hi Martijn,
>> Great to hear that the LJC is continuing this activity. We are as well;
>> I've updated the warnings page [1] to have the latest statistics including
>> the work that my colleague Kurchi Hazra has done.
>> I think the only area that has pending warnings changes are the java.text
>> ones that Deepak Bhole produced some months ago that were reviewed by John
>> Rose. I still have to revisit and review these changes. Other than that,
>> any area should be fair game.
>> I can lurk around on IRC during the event to help answer questions that
>> might arise, and I can help review changes and push if they're in or near
>> my area (core libraries). There are still a lot of warnings though in AWT
>> (thousands...) so any changes there would be better coordinated with the
>> AWT folks.
>> Looking forward to the event!
>> s'marks
>> [1] https://wikis.oracle.com/**display/OpenJDK/JDK8+Warnings+**
>> Cleanup+Day+%282011-12-01%29<https://wikis.oracle.com/display/OpenJDK/JDK8+Warnings+Cleanup+Day+%282011-12-01%29>
>> On 4/18/12 2:49 AM, Martijn Verburg wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Just to follow up on this, we'll likely co-ordinate via the wiki as per
>>> last time, it seemed to work very well (thanks Stuart for setting that up
>>> last time).
>>> Cheers,
>>> Martijn
>>> On 17 April 2012 23:53, Martijn Verburg<martijnverburg at gmail.**com<martijnverburg at gmail.com>>
>>>   wrote:
>>>   Hi all,
>>>> FYI - We'll be holding another compiler warnings squashing day on the
>>>> 23rd
>>>> of April, 1830+ BST.  A few of the 'instructors' (we use the term loosely
>>>> as we're all still learning) will pop up on IRC, but we hope to keep our
>>>> chatter down to a minimum.
>>>> As before we'll package up the patches in sensible groupings and peer
>>>> pre-review the patches before sending them in.
>>>> If there's anything we can do in particular to minimise the impact on you
>>>> folks, please let me know.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Martijn

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