jdk8-b36: JSN, Tools, Core Libraries, Serviceability, 2d, Awt, and Swing

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Tue Apr 24 14:47:40 PDT 2012



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):
7157626 j2se test_tools       Create a new test to check major version for a class file
7071907 java build            JDK: Full Debug Symbols
7159320 java build            change default ZIP_DEBUGINFO_FILES back to '1' after fix for
7160895 java build            tools/launcher/VersionCheck.java attempts to launch .debugin
7152690 java char_encodings   Initialization error with charset SJIS_0213 when security ma
7104147 java classes_2d       the fix for cr6887286 was not appropriate for backporting
7150134 java classes_2d       JCK api/java_awt/Graphics/index.html#DrawLine fails with OOM
7152519 java classes_2d       Dependency on non-POSIX header file <link.h> causes portabil
7159041 java classes_2d       Fix for 7152519 causing build breakage.
7159136 java classes_2d       JDK 7 font manager refactoring left JNI header generation an
7080700 java classes_awt      numAppContexts is accessed in non-threadsafe way in sun.awt.
7097771 java classes_awt      setEnabled does not work for components in disabled containe
7124272 java classes_awt      [macosx] VK_DELETE does produce an extraneous character in a
7124286 java classes_awt      [macosx] Option modifier should work like AltGr as in Apple
7124401 java classes_awt      [macosx] After call Frame dispose() application continues to
7124411 java classes_awt      [macosx] There's no KEY_TYPED for VK_ESCAPE
7124528 java classes_awt      [macosx] Selection is not cleared properly in text component
7124553 java classes_awt      [macosx] Need minimum size for titled Frames and JFrames
7125657 java classes_awt      [macosx] SpreadSheet demo has the broken display when clicki
7147435 java classes_awt      closed/java/awt/Toolkit/Headless/WrappedToolkitTest/WrappedT
7148275 java classes_awt      [macosx] setIconImages() not working correctly (distorted ic
7149913 java classes_awt      [macosx] Deadlock in LWTextComponentPeer
7150105 java classes_awt      [macosx] four scroll-buttons don't display. scroll-sliders c
7156194 java classes_awt      [macosx] Can't type non-ASCII characters into applets
7161109 java classes_awt      [macosx] JCK AWT interactive test DnDTextDropTest fails on M
7158930 java classes_lang     (ann) library support for repeating annotations is not built
7147848 java classes_manageme com.sun.management.UnixOperatingSystem uses hardcoded dummy
7015981 java classes_net      java.net.HttpCookie.domainMatches returns false if domain do
7152856 java classes_net      TEST_BUG: sun/net/www/protocol/jar/B4957695.java failing on
7116200 java classes_nio      (cs) test/java/nio/charset/coders/StreamTimeout.java fails w
7118373 java classes_nio      (se) Potential leak file descriptor when deregistrating at a
7133806 java classes_nio      (fs) Typo in Files.newByteChannel javadoc
7143744 java classes_nio      (se) Stabilize KQueue SelectorProvider and make default on M
7156873 java classes_nio      (zipfs) FileSystems.newFileSystem(uri, env) fails for uri wi
7152169 java classes_security TEST_BUG: sun/security/tools/jarsigner/ec.sh occasionally fa
7152564 java classes_security Improve CodeSource.matchLocation(CodeSource) performance
7155693 java classes_security CodeSource.matchLocation getPort test can be improved
7158329 java classes_security NPE in sun.security.krb5.Credentials.acquireDefaultCreds()
7058852 java classes_sound    javax/sound/sampled/FileWriter/AlawEncoderSync.java failing
7100140 java classes_sound    [macosx] Test closed/javax/sound/sampled/DirectAudio/bug6400
7130447 java classes_sound    javax/sound/sampled/Recording/bug6261423.java failed on win
7146146 java classes_swing    Deadlock between subclass of AbstractDocument and UndoManage
7149090 java classes_swing    Nimbus:BorderFactory.createTitledBorder() the DEFAULT positi
7158712 java classes_swing    Synth Property "ComboBox.popupInsets" is ignored
7160653 java classes_swing    test/javax/swing/plaf/synth/7158712/bug7158712.java failed o
7161768 java classes_swing    closed/javax/swing/Popup/TaskbarPositionTest.java fails (tim
7121314 java classes_util     (coll) Behavior mismatch between AbstractCollection.toArray(
7157893 java classes_util     Warnings Cleanup in java.util.*
7067045 java classes_util_reg replaceAll("\u20ac", "$"); causses java.lang.StringIndexOutO
7154127 java compiler         Inference cleanup: remove bound check analysis from visitors
7156633 java compiler         (javac) incorrect errors when parsing variable declaration i
7154809 java debugger         JDI: update JDI/JDB debugee commandline option parsing
7162043 java other            Add headless mode tests to problem list [macosx]
6610897 java rmi              New constructor in sun.tools.java.ClassPath builds a path us
7159130 java rmi              java/rmi/transport/pinClientSocketFactory/PinClientSocketFac
7161282 java rmi              Move test/sun/tools/classpath/RMICClassPathTest.java to a mo
7154822 java serviceability   forward port  fix for Bug 13645891 to JDK8 jcmd (1024 byte f
7160380 jaxp other            Sync JDK8 with JAXP 1.4.5
7160496 jaxp other            Rename JDK8 JAXP source directory
7157903 jsse runtime          JSSE client sockets are very slow

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