New home for WebRev tool -- will be removed from jdk forest

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at
Tue Jan 14 01:09:32 PST 2014


I would appreciate if the "Bug id:" could be printed before the "Author
comments:" as described in the patch below.

The rational is that if he author comments are long (and I think we should
encourage everybody to provide good explanations for its webrev) the link
to the corresponding bug won't be visible in the header anymore. On the
other hand, the  "Bug id:" entry is guaranteed to always be just a single


diff -r 06dd913373b4 make/scripts/webrev.ksh
--- a/make/scripts/webrev.ksh   Wed Jan 08 11:20:09 2014 -0800
+++ b/make/scripts/webrev.ksh   Tue Jan 14 10:03:56 2014 +0100
@@ -2600,11 +2600,6 @@
        print "<a href=\"$WNAME.pdf\">$WNAME.pdf</a></td></tr>"

-if [[ -n "$iflag" ]]; then
-       print "<tr><th>Author comments:</th><td><div>"
-       cat /tmp/$$.include
-       print "</div></td></tr>"
 # Add links to referenced CRs, if any
 # URL has a <title> like:
 # <title>[#JDK-8024688] b106-lambda: j.u.Map.merge doesn&#39;t work as
specified if contains key:null pair - Java Bug System</title>
@@ -2631,6 +2626,13 @@
         print "</td></tr>"
+if [[ -n "$iflag" ]]; then
+       print "<tr><th>Author comments:</th><td><div>"
+       cat /tmp/$$.include
+       print "</div></td></tr>"
 print "<tr><th>Legend:</th><td>"
 print "<b>Modified file</b><br><font color=red><b>Deleted
file</b></font><br><font color=green><b>New file</b></font></td></tr>"
 print "</table>"

On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 10:53 AM, Magnus Ihse Bursie <
magnus.ihse.bursie at> wrote:

> The WebRev tool (webrev.ksh) have been moved to a separate repo in the
> code-tools project. This will make sure we have a single master copy,
> instead of several forks across all jdk versions.
> The copy of webrev currently located in the jdk forests (at
> <top>/make/scripts/webrev.ksh) will be removed.
> To use webrev, please clone the webrev repo in a suitable location:
> hg clone
> It is possible to clone this repository inside a jdk forest, if you want.
> The hg forest extension will treat this repo as any other repo in the
> forest. The common/bin/ will not know about it, however, and you
> will need to update the repo manually if using that method.
> Since there exists multiple versions of the webrev script, the plan is to
> get the best part of them all and collect it into this master. If you have
> a locally modified version of webrev, please contact me so we can work out
> how to bring these enhancement to the master copy.
> If you want to report bugs on WebRev, please use the CODETOOLS project on
> JBS with the component tools and subcomponent webrev.
> For webrev development discussions, please use webrev-dev at
> .
> /Magnus

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