jdk8-b124: JSN, Tools, Core Libraries, Serviceability, 2d, Awt, and Swing

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Thu Jan 16 18:06:11 PST 2014



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-6727821   security-libs   Enhance JAAS Configuration
JDK-7068126   core-svc        Enhance SNMP statuses
JDK-8010935   xml             Better XML handling
JDK-8011786   core-libs       Better applet networking
JDK-8021133   deploy          Better certificate validation
JDK-8021137   deploy          Better installation processing
JDK-8021141   deploy          More robust installations
JDK-8021147   deploy          Improve JavaScript handling
JDK-8021152   install         More installation improvements
JDK-8021156   install         Better installer installs
JDK-8021160   install         Update support dll
JDK-8021165   deploy          Better WebStart naming
JDK-8021266   hotspot         Better life cycle for objects
JDK-8021394   client-libs     Better color profiles
JDK-8021403   deploy          Better deploy properties
JDK-8021607   infrastructure  Update closed JDK 8 build documents
JDK-8022904   core-libs       Enhance JDBC parsers
JDK-8022917   deploy          Enhanced LiveConnect connection
JDK-8022927   security-libs   Input validation for byte/endian conversions
JDK-8022935   xml             Enhance Apache resolver classes
JDK-8022945   core-libs       Enhance JNDI implementation classes
JDK-8023057   client-libs     Enhance start up image display
JDK-8023062   install         Enhance MacOS updates
JDK-8023069   security-libs   Enhance TLS connections
JDK-8023237   deploy          Enhance JavaScript object handling
JDK-8023241   deploy          Enhance Gnome VFS support
JDK-8023245   client-libs     Enhance Beans decoding
JDK-8023301   core-libs       Enhance generic classes
JDK-8023305   deploy          Enhance package accessibility
JDK-8023338   security-libs   Update jarsigner to encourage timestamping
JDK-8023672   security-libs   Enhance jar file validation
JDK-8023822   deploy          REGRESSION:NPE exception throws when Java Web start apps fails with no logging
JDK-8023922   deploy          Enhance data validation
JDK-8023926   deploy          Enhance ActiveX controls
JDK-8024206   deploy          Plugin: Require Permissions Attribute for High Security Setting
JDK-8024302   tools           Clarify jar verifications
JDK-8024306   security-libs   Enhance Subject consistency
JDK-8024310   deploy          Enhance deploy classes
JDK-8024411   install         SUNWj*dev should not include empty directory lib/ARCH/jli
JDK-8024526   client-libs     Enhance T2K Glyph processing
JDK-8024530   client-libs     Enhance font process resilience
JDK-8024659   core-libs       Clarify JarFile API
JDK-8024703   deploy          Enhance URL locations
JDK-8024724   deploy          Enhance codebase attributes
JDK-8024729   deploy          Enhance JNLP validations
JDK-8024738   deploy          Enhance jar attributes
JDK-8024867   core-libs       Enhance logging start up
JDK-8024941   deploy          Better VM argument quoting
JDK-8025014   security-libs   Enhance Security Policy
JDK-8025018   xml             Enhance JAX-P set up
JDK-8025026   security-libs   Enhance canonicalization
JDK-8025034   client-libs     Improve layout lookups
JDK-8025051   globalization   Update resource files for TimeZone display names
JDK-8025448   client-libs     Enhance listening events
JDK-8025746   deploy          Enhance JNLP applet startup
JDK-8025754   deploy          Enhance JNLP dialogues
JDK-8025758   core-libs       Enhance Naming management
JDK-8025767   other-libs      Enhance IIOP streams
JDK-8026037   tools           [TESTBUG] sun/security/tools/jarsigner/warnings.sh test fails on Solaris
JDK-8026172   client-libs     Enhance UI Management
JDK-8026176   client-libs     Enhance document printing
JDK-8026193   other-libs      Enhance CORBA stub factories
JDK-8026204   security-libs   Enhance auth login contexts
JDK-8026304   security-libs   jarsigner output bad grammar
JDK-8026417   security-libs   Enhance XML canonicalization
JDK-8027055   security-libs   Signed jars Update
JDK-8027201   xml             Enhance JAX-P set up
JDK-8027204   security-libs   Revise the update of 8026204 and 8025758
JDK-8027378   xml             Two closed/javax/xml/8005432 fails with jdk7u51b04
JDK-8027678   deploy          Mac JCP Update - missing Browser Plug-in Disabled Prompts 
JDK-8027899   deploy          [Regression] unexpected AccessControlException
JDK-8027908   xml             serialVersionUID of javax.xml.bind.TypeConstraintException accidently changed
JDK-8027909   core-libs       closed/java/net/SocketPermission/BindTest.java test can fail if IPv6 is supported
JDK-8027971   deploy          The applet javacom_VerifyingInstallation throws exception:java.lang.NullPointerException in java console when loading it.
JDK-8028005   deploy          Fix failed for 8023241
JDK-8028034   deploy          TrustDecider.getLocString() causing Null Pointers
JDK-8028111   xml             XML readers share the same entity expansion counter
JDK-8028293   core-libs       Check local configuration for actual ephemeral port range
JDK-8028382   xml             Two javax/xml/8005433 tests still fail after the fix JDK-8028147
JDK-8028453   core-libs       AsynchronousSocketChannel.connect() requires SocketPermission due to bind to local address (win)
JDK-8028530   deploy          [nightly] JNLP App can't start
JDK-8028579   deploy          Fix unit tests building
JDK-8029203   deploy          Applet can't get direct access to array in JavaScript since 7u51 b01 due to fix JDK-8022917
JDK-8029254   infrastructure  Build error when javadoc generates beaninfo for javax.swing.beans 
JDK-8029315   deploy          Redirected code (jar) is able to connect back to original site in javaws application scenarios.
JDK-8029322   core-libs       closed/java/net/SocketPermission/BindTest.java fails intermittently after JDK-8028819 was fixed
JDK-8029507   core-libs       Enhance JVM method processing
JDK-8029627   infrastructure  Allow duplicate bugid for changeset in jdk8 update forest
JDK-8029650   xml             Test bug: test case testDOMCatalogReaderSM in JDK-8022935 does not fail cleanly without the patch
JDK-8030874   hotspot         Backout dup bugid jcheck settings from hotspot closed repos for 8 now
JDK-8030946   infrastructure  No jmc.1 for man page of JMC
JDK-8031187   core-libs       DoubleStream.count is incorrect for a stream containing > Integer.MAX_VALUE elements
JDK-8031300   infrastructure  No jdeps.1 and jjs.1 man pages in jdk8 b122 build and jvisualvm.1 and jcmd.1 missing on macosx
JDK-8031470   security-libs   Resolve conflict of ucrypto.jar
JDK-8031502   core-libs       JSR292: IncompatibleClassChangeError in LambdaForm for CharSequence.toString() method handle type converter

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