Active Hotspot development repos & process summary

Alejandro E Murillo alejandro.murillo at
Fri Jan 24 10:30:01 PST 2014

There are several active hotspot and JDK development repos and
people seem to be confused about where to  push changes to.
Here's a brief reminder/summary of the process and hotspot repos:

In general hotspot changes are usually pushed to a hotspot specific 
development repo,
in those repos changes go through hotspot specific nightly testing 
during weekdays.
We then take snapshots of those repos in a weekly or so basis, run 
through PIT, usually on weekends,
and then push them to the targeted JDK master repo, except for jdk9,
in which case it is pushed to the jdk9/dev repo.

For hotspot developers, in a nutshell, the general process is:

(1) Mark the bugs appropriately according to the development phase of 
the targeted JDK
- For instance, 7u60 is in RDP2 now, so bugs should be marked 
appropriately and approved
before changes can be pushed to the hotspot repo.

(2) Get peer reviews: usually via email to the appropriate hotspot-dev 
For backports, if the patch applies cleanly, indicate that in the 
request for review,
so that it can be expedited

(3) Once changes are peer reviewed, push the change to the appropriate 
hotspot repo VIA JPRT

(4) DO NOT NEED to get approval to push to master, as non hotspot 
developers do,
as that will be requested by the gatekeeper before pushing the snapshot 
(bulk integration)
to the master repo.

Note, except for jdk8, all hotspot bugs should be filed against the 
targeted JDK version
the bug is destined for. Hotspot JDK8 bugs should be filed using hs25 as 
the version.

Here's is the summary of the currently active Hotspot development repos
and the target jdk releases:

(1) hs24.60/7u60:

(2) hs25/jdk8:

(3) hs25.20/jdk8u20:

(4) jdk9:

note, all these repos are full JDK forests, so fixes that require 
pushing tightly coupled
hotspot and non hotspot changesets should be pushed through  these repos.
Please give me a heads up if you plan to do so.

JPRT is not available to external developers, so if you do not have JPRT 
please contact me once changes have been peer reviewed and are ready to 
be pushed
to hotspot repo.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question.


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