[8u-dev] Request for approval for CR 8031059 - invokestatic: ICCE trying to invoke static method when it clashes with an abstract method inherited from an interface

harold seigel harold.seigel at oracle.com
Wed Jan 15 17:11:07 UTC 2014


This is a request to backport the following fix to JDK8udev.  The fix 
was checked into JDK 8 on 10-Jan-2014 and into JDK 9 on 14-Jan-2014.  
The fix is the same for all three releases.

bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8031059

link to JDK8 changeset: 

The fix was tested with JDK8u by running JCK lang and VM tests, default 
methods tests, and tests that reproduce the bug.  The reviewers for JDK8 
were lfoltan, coleenp, and kamg.

Thanks, Harold

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