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lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Fri Jun 20 02:14:10 UTC 2014



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8012224   client-libs     AWT_TopLevels/TopLevelEvents/Automated/WindowIconifyDeiconifyEventsTest02 fails on Ubuntu 12.04 Unity shell
JDK-8042465   client-libs     Applet menus not rendering when browser is full screen on Mac
JDK-8033991   client-libs     Applet:SwingSet2 is not working as expected
JDK-8043705   client-libs     Can't exit color chooser dialog when running as an applet
JDK-8042103   client-libs     Deserialization of empty java.awt.geom.Path2D will cause an exception
JDK-8028617   client-libs     Dvorak keyboard mapping not honored when ctrl key pressed
JDK-8040113   client-libs     File not initialized in src/share/native/sun/awt/giflib/dgif_lib.c
JDK-8032788   client-libs     ImageIcon constructor throws an NPE and hangs when passed a null String parameter 
JDK-8046245   client-libs     JDK 9 client build failure on Solaris
JDK-8009883   client-libs     REGRESSION: test/closed/javax/swing/AbstractButton/4246045/bug4246045.java fails
JDK-8041896   client-libs     Test closed/java/awt/Choice/RemoveAllShrinkTest/RemoveAllShrinkTest fails with java.awt.IllegalComponentStateException
JDK-8031471   client-libs     Test closed/java/awt/dnd/FileDialogDropTargetTest/FileDialogDropTargetTest.java fails on Solaris zones virtual hosts
JDK-8040271   client-libs     Uninitialised memory in jdk/src/windows/native/sun/windows: awt_List.cpp, awt_InputMethod.cpp
JDK-8019180   client-libs     Use JComboBox as it's own ActionListener leads to unexpected behaviour
JDK-8007563   client-libs     When checking the default behaviour for a scroll tab layout and checking the 'opaque' checkbox, the area behind tabs is not red.
JDK-8033786   client-libs     White flashing when opening Dialogs and Menus using Nimbus with dark background
JDK-8033233   client-libs     [JLightweightFrame] support default JViewport BLIT_SCROLL_MODE
JDK-8029455   client-libs     [JLightweightFrame] support scaled painting
JDK-8017626   client-libs     [OGL] Translucent VolatileImages don't paint correctly
JDK-8041644   client-libs     [OGL] clip is ignored during surface->sw blit
JDK-8041129   client-libs     [OGL] surface->sw blit is extremely slow
JDK-6963359   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] The FileDialog window is different from the case KeyboardInteractionTest.html description.
JDK-8036055   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] waitForIdle() does not work in closed/java/awt/Container/ZOrder/Test.java
JDK-8017472   client-libs     [macosx] Transparency demo is not correctly dragged on the second monitor
JDK-8030100   client-libs     java.awt.Desktop: Enable check for supported URI schemes on Linux
JDK-6788138   client-libs     leak in Java_sun_awt_X11_XlibWrapper_getStringBytes?
JDK-8043495   core-libs       (fc) Provide native implementation of FileChannel.transferTo for AIX
JDK-8029674   core-libs       (reflect) getMethods returns default methods that are not members of the class
JDK-8042857   core-libs       14 stuck threads waiting for notification on LDAPRequest
JDK-8044798   core-libs       API for debugging Nashorn
JDK-8039916   core-libs       AnnotatedType.getType() of a Executable parameters may return wrong type
JDK-8043954   core-libs       Behavior difference when connect() is interrupted by signal on AIX
JDK-8044590   core-libs       Broken links in jre.api.net.socketoptions
JDK-8044725   core-libs       Bug in zlib 1.2.5 prevents inflation of some gzipped files
JDK-8035930   core-libs       Check jdk/src/windows/native/java/io/io_util_md.c for JNI pending exceptions
JDK-8036134   core-libs       Check src/windows/native/sun/nio/fs/WindowsNativeDispatcher.c for JNI pending exceptions
JDK-8046085   core-libs       HashMap.put with null key may throw NullPointerException
JDK-8040058   core-libs       IsoFields.WEEK_BASED_YEAR adjustInto incorrect
JDK-8025293   core-libs       JNI exception pending checks in java.net
JDK-8036607   core-libs       JNI exception pending in jdk/src/windows/native/java/net/DualStackPlainDatagramSocketImpl.c
JDK-8036601   core-libs       JNI exception pending in jdk/src/windows/native/sun/net/dns/ResolverConfigurationImpl.c
JDK-8032400   core-libs       JSR292: invokeSpecial: InternalError attempting to lookup a method
JDK-8044206   core-libs       LambdaMetafactory.altMetafactory javadoc refers to wrong method
JDK-8044520   core-libs       Nashorn cannot execute node.js's express module
JDK-8044766   core-libs       New jdk.net classes have @since 1.9 tags in 8u20
JDK-8044727   core-libs       Problem reading the contents of some zip files
JDK-8044517   core-libs       Run & debug single Nashorn test
JDK-8044612   core-libs       StringIndexOutOfBoundException in NativeRegExp.appendReplacement
JDK-8033627   core-libs       UTC+02:00 time zones are not detected correctly on Windows
JDK-8046903   core-libs       VM anonymous class members can't be statically invocable
JDK-8035160   core-libs       [TESTBUG] closed/java/util/TimeZone/LinuxTZVM.sh requires Olson tzdata of a certain version.
JDK-8044695   core-libs       __stack__ becomes visible in Error properties
JDK-8044415   core-libs       ant makefile should have a target to generate javadoc only for jdk.nashorn.api and sub-packages
JDK-8041451   core-libs       com.sun.jndi.ldap.Connection:ReadTimeout should abandon ldap request
JDK-8044750   core-libs       megamorphic getter for scope objects does not call __noSuchProperty__ hook
JDK-8046588   core-libs       test for SO_FLOW_SLA availability does not check for EACCESS
JDK-8032901   core-svc        WaitForMultipleObjects() return value not handled appropriately
JDK-8042009   docs            Generate nroff for Java tools documentation for 8u20 release
JDK-8037343   globalization   Wrong dateformat for locale es_DO
JDK-8005873   hotspot         JRuby test_respond_to.rb asserts with: MT-unsafe modification of inline cache
JDK-8041891   hotspot         closed/com/oracle/jfr/gc/ObjectCountEventTest/TestObjectCountEvent.java fails because unexpected size
JDK-8043917   infrastructure  ALT_BUNDLE_DATE does not work in jdk8u and 9 build
JDK-8044046   other-libs      [asm] refresh internal ASM version to v5.0.3
JDK-8042789   other-libs      org.omg.CORBA.ORBSingletonClass loading no longer uses context class loader
JDK-7047033   security-libs   (smartcardio) Card.disconnect(boolean reset) does not reset when reset is true
JDK-8039319   security-libs   (smartcardio) Card.transmitControlCommand() does not work on Mac OS X
JDK-8043720   security-libs   (smartcardio) Native memory should be handled more accurately
JDK-8043507   security-libs   (smartcardio) javax.smartcardio.CardTerminals.list() fails on MacOSX
JDK-8044038   security-libs   Security tests fail on 32 bit linux platform
JDK-8039118   security-libs   Windows build failure (j2pcsc.dll : fatal error unresolved external symbol throwByName)
JDK-8044747   security-libs   [TESTBUG] Test sun/security/tools/policytool/i18n.sh  fails after clicking 'Done' button in test frame
JDK-8033571   security-libs   [parfait] warning from b128 for security/smartcardio/pcsc_md.c: JNI exception pending 
JDK-8030114   security-libs   [parfait] warnings from b119 for jdk.src.share.native.sun.security.smartcardio: JNI exception pending
JDK-8039132   security-libs   cleanup @ignore JAAS/krb5 tests
JDK-7195480   security-libs   javax.smartcardio does not detect cards on Mac OS X
JDK-8036779   security-libs   sun.security.krb5.KdcComm interprets kdc_timeout as msec instead of sec
JDK-8015101   tools           Covariance of return type implied by upper bounding on type parameter is ignored
JDK-8044487   tools           Fix for 8042785 causes regression tests to fail with java.lang.VerifyError
JDK-8029800   tools           Flags.java uses String.toLowerCase without specifying Locale
JDK-8031967   tools           For some sources compiler compiles for ever
JDK-8036709   tools           Java 7 jarsigner displays warning about cert policy tree
JDK-8042741   tools           Java 8 compiler throws NullPointerException depending location in source file
JDK-8037934   tools           Javac generates invalid signatures for local types
JDK-8033287   tools           Reduce the size of the endPosTable
JDK-8046762   tools           Revert some inference fixes in JDK-8033718
JDK-8041713   tools           Type inference of non-existent method references crashes the compiler 
JDK-8042803   tools           Types.wildLowerBound and cvarLowerBound should call unannotatedType()
JDK-8037385   tools           constant pool errors with -target 1.7 and static default methods
JDK-8043725   tools           javac fails with StackOverflowException
JDK-8043186   tools           javac test langtools/tools/javac/util/StringUtilsTest.java fails
JDK-8042785   tools           javac, bridge methods are not getting the flags from the original method
JDK-8037937   tools           javac: AssertionError during LVT generation, wrong variable ranges
JDK-8030726   tools           tools/javac/NoStringToLower.java fails due to enforcement no use of String.toLowerCase on non-langtools classes
JDK-8043129   xml             JAF initialisation in SAAJ clashing with the one in javax.mail

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