jdk8u40-b14: HotSpot

Alejandro E Murillo alejandro.murillo at oracle.com
Tue Nov 11 19:04:57 UTC 2014

hs25.40-b18 has been integrated into jdk8u40-b14.


Component : VM

Status    : 0 major failures, 0 minor failures
Date      : 11/11/2014 at 17:00 MSK
Tested By : STT_VM
Cost(total man-days): 1

Workspace : 2014-11-07-172752.amurillo.hs25-40-b18-snapshot
Bundles   : 2014-11-07-172752.amurillo.hs25-40-b18-snapshot
Platforms :

Tests     :/net/sqenfs-1.sfbay/export1/comp/vm/testbase/
Log       : link
Browsers  : NA
Patches   : NA
Number of Tests Executed : 408362 passed tests, 5311 failed tests (no new failures)

Bug verification status:
Tested, Pass:
Tested, Pass (partial fixes):
Tested, Fail:

Untested bug fixes:
8046268: compiler/whitebox/ tests fail : must be osr_compiled
8056240: Investigate increased GC remark time after class unloading changes in CRM Fuse
8057043: Type annotations not retained during class redefine / retransform
8058715: stability issues when being launched as an embedded JVM via JNI
8059216: Make PrintGCApplicationStoppedTime print information about stopping threads
8059780: SPECjvm2008-MPEG performance regressions on x64 platforms
8060454: [TESTBUG] Whitebox tests fail with -XX:CompileThreshold=100
8061486: [TESTBUG] compiler/whitebox/ tests fail : must be osr_compiled (reappeared in nightlies)
8061651: Interface to the Lookup Index Cache to improve URLClassPath search time
8061817: Whitebox.deoptimizeMethod() does not deoptimize all OSR versions of method
8061983: [TESTBUG] compiler/whitebox/MakeMethodNotCompilableTest.java fails with "must not be in queue"
8062169: Multiple OSR compilations issued for same bci
8062589: new hotspot build - hs25.40-b18

New bugs filed:
     Bugs in PIT build:
     JDK-8064556 G1: ParallelGCThreads=0 may cause assert(!MetadataOnStackMark::has_buffer_for_thread(Thread::current())) failed: Should be empty
     JDK-8064566 [TESTBUG] Recently added AppCDS tests fail when there is no way to map shared archive to some addresses
     Bugs in earlier promoted build:
     JDK-8064564 Test sun/util/calendar/zi/TestZoneInfo310.java fails with RuntimeException: FAILED: availableIds don't match

Number of PIT requested: 1
Integration target J2SE build number: jdk8u40-b14

Issues and Notes:
     This is PIT for HS25.40-b18 for jdk8u40-b14. Go for integration.


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