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lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Tue Nov 18 00:38:02 UTC 2014



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8057893   client-libs     JComboBox actionListener never receives "comboBoxEdited" from getActionCommand
JDK-8062021   client-libs     NPE in sun/lwawt/macosx/CPlatformWindow::toFront after JDK-8060146
JDK-8061392   client-libs     PrinterJob NPE when drawing translucent image with null user clip
JDK-8039444   client-libs     Swing applications not being displayed properly
JDK-8049198   client-libs     [macosx] Incorrect thread access when showing splash screen
JDK-8043869   client-libs     [macosx] java -splash does not honor @2x hi dpi notation for retina support
JDK-8064468   client-libs     ownedWindowList access requires synchronization in Window.setAlwaysOnTop() method
JDK-6904367   core-libs       (coll) IdentityHashMap is resized before exceeding the expected maximum size
JDK-8054029   core-libs       (fc) FileChannel.size() returns 0 for block devices on Linux
JDK-8042470   core-libs       (fs) Path.register doesn't throw IllegalArgumentException if multiple OVERFLOW events are specified
JDK-8042816   core-libs       (fs) Path.register doesn't throw IllegalArgumentException if multiple OVERFLOW events are specified, part 2
JDK-8011537   core-libs       (fs) Path.register(..) clears interrupt status of thread with no InterruptedException
JDK-6853696   core-libs       (ref) ReferenceQueue.remove(timeout) may return null even if timeout has not expired
JDK-8062050   core-libs       A method is considered caller sensitive, but it doesn't have the CallerSensitive annotation
JDK-8062799   core-libs       Binary logical expressions can have numeric types
JDK-8040806   core-libs       BitSet.toString() can throw IndexOutOfBoundsException
JDK-8034032   core-libs       Check src/macosx/native/java/util/prefs/MacOSXPreferencesFile.m for JNI pending issues
JDK-8063036   core-libs       Cosmetics: The recompile log produces double lines for some reason
JDK-8064467   core-libs       Deoptimization type information persistence doesn't work - "Failed to calculate version dir name"
JDK-8062386   core-libs       Different versions of nashorn use same code cache directory
JDK-8062937   core-libs       GlobalConstants produces wrong result with Object.defineProperty
JDK-8062490   core-libs       JDK-8061391 regresses typescript: OOME with too fat SparseArrayData instances
JDK-8059443   core-libs       Logical NOT operator throws NullPointerException for null Boolean return values
JDK-8061959   core-libs       Missing ArrayBuffer.isView() Method 
JDK-8064391   core-libs       More thread safety problems in core reflection
JDK-8060483   core-libs       NPE with explicitCastArguments unboxing null
JDK-8064707   core-libs       Remove NativeArray link logic fields
JDK-8060204   core-libs       Remove all Joni and test Warnings
JDK-7011804   core-libs       SequenceInputStream with lots of empty substreams can cause StackOverflowError
JDK-8061957   core-libs       Some arithmetic operations have unnecessary widening
JDK-8062381   core-libs       String.prototype.charCodeAt called with invalid index throws ClassCastException
JDK-8038333   core-libs       TEST_BUG: java/lang/ref/EarlyTimeout.java fails with a non-adequate message
JDK-8063037   core-libs       Trivial bugfixing and exception reuse in ApplySpecialization
JDK-8062308   core-libs       b36 of 9 introduces regressions over b35 when running lyra
JDK-8059311   core-libs       com/sun/jndi/ldap/LdapTimeoutTest.java fails with exit_code == 0
JDK-8057825   core-libs       emitted socket arg becomes null in avatar.js http tests
JDK-8062624   core-libs       java.lang.String methods not available on concatenated strings
JDK-8038982   core-libs       java/lang/ref/EarlyTimeout.java: elapsed time 981 is less than timeout 1000
JDK-8043476   core-libs       java/util/BitSet/BSMethods.java failed with: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
JDK-8048913   core-libs       java/util/logging/LoggingDeadlock2.java times out
JDK-8062744   core-libs       jdk.net.Sockets.setOption/getOption does not support IP_TOS
JDK-8035312   core-libs       push() on frozen array increases its length property
JDK-8055319   core-svc        Update JFR log dates
JDK-8062957   hotspot         Heap is not shrunk when deallocating under memory pressure
JDK-8064338   hotspot         JNI exception pending in jdk/src/closed/share/native/jdk/internal/instrumentation/Tracer.c
JDK-8064716   hotspot         TestHumongousShrinkHeap.java can not be run with -XX:+ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent
JDK-8036616   hotspot         [TESTBUG] Embedded: sun/jvmstat/monitor/MonitoredVm/CR6672135.java should be launched with -XX:+UsePerfData
JDK-8061300   hotspot         [TESTBUG] closed/gc/TestMemoryPressureReactionDecommit.java still fails with OOM
JDK-8063123   hotspot         closed/com/oracle/jfr/io/TestInstrumentation.java failing with modular image build
JDK-8062683   infrastructure  Blacklist Cooperative Memory Management ("CMM") closed code
JDK-8062585   other-libs      Modify build to omit commercial features when DISABLE_COMMERCIAL_FEATURES is true
JDK-8059516   other-libs      RM API JavaDoc generation
JDK-8061830   other-libs      [asm] refresh internal ASM version v5.0.3
JDK-8063700   security-libs   -Xcheck:jni changes cause many JCK failures in api/javax_crypto tests in SunPKCS11
JDK-8064507   security-libs   Add closed/sun/security/rsa/TestLimits.java to the ProblemList
JDK-8040812   security-libs   Uninitialised memory in jdk/src/share/native/sun/security/ec/impl/mpi.c
JDK-8049600   security-libs   [TESTBUG] Some tests could not be changed to work under profiles and should be excluded
JDK-8034031   security-libs   [parfait] JNI exception pending in jdk/src/macosx/native/apple/security/KeystoreImpl.m
JDK-8057800   tools           Method reference with generic type creates NPE when compiling
JDK-8062608   xml             BCEL corrupts debug data of methods that use generics
JDK-8064516   xml             BCEL still corrupts generic methods if bytecode offsets are modified
JDK-8059327   xml             XML parser returns corrupt attribute value

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