jdk8u-b01: jdk8u-dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Tue Aug 11 22:21:31 UTC 2015



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8132382   client-libs     [macosx] Crash during JMC or JavaFX execution when NSApplication is co 
JDK-8065081   client-libs     Intermittent NPE in Java2Demo applet on Stop/Restart in appletviewer 
JDK-8130776   client-libs     Remove EmbeddedFrame.requestFocusToEmbedder() method 
JDK-8005226   core-libs       [TEST_BUG]: java/rmi/transport/pinClientSocketFactory/PinClientSocketF 
JDK-8130663   core-libs       6 fields can be static fields in Global class 
JDK-8131039   core-libs       after adding a function property to Object.prototype, JSON.parse with  
JDK-8114838   core-libs       Anonymous functions escape to surrounding scope when defined under "wi 
JDK-8129959   core-libs       DebugLogger has unnecessary API methods 
JDK-8131683   core-libs       Delete fails over multiple scopes 
JDK-8130234   core-libs       Get rid of JSType.isNegativeZero 
JDK-8130424   core-libs       if directory specified with --dest-dir does not exist, only .class fil 
JDK-8130307   core-libs       improve Nashorn Javadoc target 
JDK-8130006   core-libs       java/lang/invoke/MethodHandles/CatchExceptionTest Fails 
JDK-8130853   core-libs       Non-extensible global is not handled property 
JDK-8130476   core-libs       Remove unused methods in Global.java 
JDK-6854417   core-libs       TESTBUG: java/util/regex/RegExTest.java fails intermittently 
JDK-8073733   core-libs       TypeError messages with "call" and "new" could be improved 
JDK-8131340   core-libs       Varargs function is recompiled each time it is linked 
JDK-8129950   core-libs       Wrong condition for checking absence of logger in MethodHandleFactory 
JDK-8077380   deploy          JNLPSigning exception when signed jnlp is launched from local tomcat s 
JDK-8048353   hotspot         jstack -l crashes VM when a Java mirror for a primitive type is locked 

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