[8u60] Request for approval for bulk integration of hs25.60-b02

Alejandro E Murillo alejandro.murillo at oracle.com
Sat Jan 24 01:55:53 UTC 2015

Requesting approval to integrate hs25.60-b02 into jdk8u60-b01.

A webrev is available at:


Pre-integration testing is in progress; the integration will proceed
only after SQE has analyzed the results and approved.

The fixes in the proposed integration are below.  All have undergone
nightly testing and are already in a jdk9 repository.

8043340: [macosx] Fix hard-wired paths to JavaVM.framework
8048050: Agent NullPointerException when rmi.port in use
8062063: Usage of UseHugeTLBFS, UseLargePagesInMetaspace and huge SurvivorAlignmentInBytes cause crashes in CMBitMapClosure::do_bit
8066763: fatal error "assert(false) failed: unexpected yanked node" in postaloc.cpp:139
8068678: new hotspot build - hs25.60-b02
8068881: SIGBUS in C2 compiled method weblogic.wsee.jaxws.framework.jaxrpc.EnvironmentFactory$SimulatedWsdlDefinitions.<init>
8068909: SIGSEGV in c2 compiled code with OptimizeStringConcat


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