OpenJDK 8u40 nroff files are once again up for review

raymond gallardo raymond.gallardo at
Tue Jan 27 15:24:18 UTC 2015

Hello Reviewers,

As part of the OpenJDK review processes, and the next Java SE 8u40 
release, the OpenJDK nroff files for Java tools are up for review. 
Please respond by *Thursday, January 29*.

The webrev is available here:

Please provide your feedback by Thursday, January 29.

The following sections describe what kinds of review comments we're 
looking for and what has changed for Java SE 8u40. Please contact us if 
you have any questions.

Summary of Changes
Scope of Review
Provide Feedback

*Summary of Changes*

Technical content changes related to JDK 8 features have been made. 
These changes have already been reviewed by the engineer responsible for 
each feature.

HTML documentation for Java tools has also been generated, which has the 
same content as the nroff files up for review, and which will be 
available on

The following lists significant changes made to the Java tool nroff 
pages for this release as well as the engineer who reviewed the content.


JDK-8059929: Document changes to tiered compilation and code cache size 
options (Vladimir Kozlov)

JDK-8068751: Document the option -XX:+CheckEndorsedAndExtDirs flag in 
java launcher man page (Mandy Chung)


JDK-8062100: removed unsupported options so that doc would match output 
of jjs -h (Hannes Wallnoefer 


Reformatted text

*Scope of Review*

Please provide a sanity check of content as opposed to reviewing the 
nroff markup itself.

A line-by-line comparison between the html and nroff versions is not needed.

*Provide Feedback*

Please indicate your approval and provide feedback by e-mail by 
*Thursday, January 29*

All feedback will be triaged. Severe technical inaccuracies and other 
small bugs will be fixed. Due to Java SE 8u40 release plan deadlines, 
bugs will be filed for large scale changes and will most likely be 
handled in a future update release.

Thank you,
The Java SE Documentation Team

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