Questions of running dacapo benchmark with opendjk8 on ARM machine

孙杨-应聘-IT系统开发与数据分析 sunyangzju at
Wed Jul 1 14:33:03 UTC 2015

        It's my pleasure for me to raise a question here.
  recently,I ran the batik of dacapo benchmark with openjdk8 on ARM machine and the function of the batik is converting files of SVG to files of   PNG. When I ran the  batik,I met three questions.
      The first one is when converting mapWaadt.svg to mapWaadt.png,   the procedure throws an Exception of
  java.lang.reflect.InvacationTargetException.After a study,I  found that  the Operating System which is Fedora on ARM machine lacks  of Font  configuration informations .
     The second one is when converting sydney.svg to sydney.png , the procedure throws an Exception of ClassNotFound,dure to lack the class of TruncatedFileException in openjdk8.
    The third question is that the native function of sun_awt_image_codec_JPEGImageDecoderImpl_initDecoder is not implemented in openjdk8.
Does anyone meets the same questions?
   How to resolve them? Thanks a lot!

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