Questions of running dacapo benchmark with opendjk8 on ARM machine

Thomas Schatzl thomas.schatzl at
Mon Jul 6 10:59:17 UTC 2015


On Wed, 2015-07-01 at 22:33 +0800, 孙杨-应聘-IT系统开发与数据分析 wrote:
>         It's my pleasure for me to raise a question here.
>   recently,I ran the batik of dacapo benchmark with openjdk8 on ARM machine and the function of the batik is converting files of SVG to files of   PNG. When I ran the  batik,I met three questions.
>       The first one is when converting mapWaadt.svg to mapWaadt.png,   the procedure throws an Exception of
>   java.lang.reflect.InvacationTargetException.After a study,I  found that  the Operating System which is Fedora on ARM machine lacks  of Font  configuration informations .
>      The second one is when converting sydney.svg to sydney.png , the procedure throws an Exception of ClassNotFound,dure to lack the class of TruncatedFileException in openjdk8.
>     The third question is that the native function of sun_awt_image_codec_JPEGImageDecoderImpl_initDecoder is not implemented in openjdk8.
> Does anyone meets the same questions?
>    How to resolve them? Thanks a lot!

  just my opinion, but these benchmarks seem to intentionally use
classes not from openjdk. (And one system configuration issue)

Maybe you could get in touch with the authors of the benchmark for


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