[8u66] Request for approval for bulk integration of hs25.66-b02

Alejandro E Murillo alejandro.murillo at oracle.com
Mon Jul 20 15:27:30 UTC 2015

Requesting approval to integrate hs25.66-b02 into jdk8u66-b02.

A webrev is available at:


Pre-integration testing is in progress; the integration will proceed
only after SQE has analyzed the results and approved.

The fixes in the proposed integration are below.  All have undergone
nightly testing and are already in a jdk9 repository.

6904403: assert(f == k->has_finalizer(),"inconsistent has_finalizer") with debug VM
8044364: runtime/RedefineFinalizer test fails on windows
8076110: VM crash when class is redefined with Instrumentation.redefineClasses
8080012: JVM times out with vdbench on SPARC M7-16
8080776: ARM 32 bit binaries do not run on 64 bit ARM v8 hardware
8129108: nmethod related crash in CMS
8131126: Set update release to 8u66 and keep default jprt release as 8u60 on jdk8u repos
8131333: [TESTBUG] RedefineRunningMethodsWithResolutionErrors.java Improperly specified VM option 'TraceRedefineClasses=0x600'
8131588: new hotspot build - hs25.66-b02


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