jdk8u-b08: jdk8u-dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Mon Mar 23 21:24:38 UTC 2015



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8074668   client-libs     [macosx] Mac 10.10: Application run with splash screen has focus issue 
JDK-8048289   client-libs     Gtk: call to UIManager.getSystemLookAndFeelClassName() leads to crash 
JDK-8072900   client-libs     Mouse events are captured by the wrong menu in OS X 
JDK-8073008   client-libs     press-and-hold input method for accented characters works incorrectly  
JDK-8074687   core-libs       Add tests for JSON parsing of numeric keys 
JDK-8072426   core-libs       Can't compare Java enums to strings 
JDK-8074031   core-libs       Canonicalize "is a JS string" tests 
JDK-8066217   core-libs       Fuzzing bug: new ArrayBuffer() throws exception 
JDK-8035712   core-libs       Investigate if RuntimeCallSite linkage can be removed 
JDK-8072458   core-libs       jdk/test/Makefile references (to be removed) win32 directory in jtreg 
JDK-8074694   core-libs       Lazy conversion of ZipEntry time 
JDK-8074791   core-libs       Long-form date format incorrect month string for Finnish locale 
JDK-8074484   core-libs       More aggressive value discarding 
JDK-8062030   core-libs       Nashorn bug retrieving array property after key string concatenation 
JDK-8074487   core-libs       Static analysis of IfNode should consider terminating branches 
JDK-8073148   core-svc        "The server has decided to close this client connection" repeated  con 
JDK-8071687   core-svc        AIX port of "8039173: Propagate errors from Diagnostic Commands as exc 
JDK-8071657   core-svc        JDI ObjectReferenceImpl.invokeMethod() validation fails for virtual in 
JDK-8074564   deploy          Replace missing APIs from 8u40 
JDK-8053902   hotspot         Fix for 8030115 breaks build on Windows and Solaris 
JDK-8025636   hotspot         Hide lambda proxy frames in stacktraces 
JDK-8068927   infrastructure  AARCH64: better handling of aarch64- triples 
JDK-8064357   infrastructure  AARCH64: Top-level JDK changes 
JDK-8074554   infrastructure  Create custom hook for running after AC_OUTPUT 
JDK-8069057   infrastructure  Make sure configure is run by bash 
JDK-8072732   infrastructure  Regression in configure due to JDK-8069057 
JDK-8075495   infrastructure  Update jtreg bin location in configure 
JDK-7065233   security-libs   To interpret case-insensitive string locale independently 
JDK-8072461   tools           Table's field width in "Use" page generated by javadoc with '-s' is un 

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