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lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Mon May 4 19:32:50 UTC 2015



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-7145508   client-libs     [embedded] java.awt.GraphicsDevice.get/setDisplayMode behavior is inco 
JDK-8076106   client-libs     [macosx] Drag image of TransferHandler does not honor MultiResolutionI 
JDK-8068412   client-libs     [macosx] Initialization of Cocoa hangs if CoreAudio was initialized be 
JDK-8015085   client-libs     [macosx] Label shortening via  " ... "  broken when String contains co 
JDK-8078165   client-libs     [macosx] NPE when attempting to get image from toolkit 
JDK-4952954   client-libs     abort flag is not cleared for every write operation for JPEG ImageWrit 
JDK-6573305   client-libs     Animated icon is not visible by click on menu 
JDK-8074956   client-libs     ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in  javax.swing.text.html.parser.Conten 
JDK-6475361   client-libs     Attempting to remove help menu from java.awt.MenuBar throws NullPointe 
JDK-8066132   client-libs     BufferedImage::getPropertyNames() always returns null 
JDK-8078654   client-libs     CloseTTFontFileFunc callback should be removed 
JDK-8067657   client-libs     Dead/outdated links in Javadoc of package java.beans 
JDK-6515713   client-libs     example in JFormattedTextField API docs instantiates abstract class 
JDK-8051617   client-libs     Fullscreen mode is not working properly on Xorg 
JDK-8077982   client-libs     GIFLIB upgrade 
JDK-8076455   client-libs     IME Composition Window is displayed on incorrect position 
JDK-8074500   client-libs     java.awt.Checkbox.setState() call causes ItemEvent to be filed 
JDK-8073001   client-libs     Java's system LnF on OS X: editable JComboBoxes are being rendered  in 
JDK-6459798   client-libs     JDesktopPane,JFileChooser violate encapsulation by returning internal  
JDK-8073795   client-libs     JMenuBar looks bad under retina 
JDK-4958064   client-libs     JPGWriter does not throw UnsupportedException when canWriteSequence re 
JDK-6338077   client-libs     link back to self in javadoc JTextArea.replaceRange() 
JDK-8043393   client-libs     NullPointerException and no event received when clipboard data flavor  
JDK-7180976   client-libs     Pending String deadlocks UIDefaults 
JDK-6459800   client-libs     Some Swing classes violate encapsulation by returning internal Insets 
JDK-6470361   client-libs     Swing's Threading Policy example does not compile 
JDK-8044444   client-libs     The output's 'Page-n' footer does not show completely. 
JDK-7044727   core-libs       (tz) TimeZone.getDefault() call returns incorrect value in Windows ter 
JDK-8053905   core-libs       Eager code generation fails for earley boyer with split threshold set  
JDK-8066407   core-libs       Function with same body not reparsed after SyntaxError 
JDK-6991580   core-libs       IPv6 Nameservers in resolv.conf throws NumberFormatException 
JDK-8076287   core-libs       Performance degradation observed with TimeZone Benchmark 
JDK-8074350   core-libs       Support ISO 4217 "Current funds codes" table (A.2) 
JDK-8078384   core-libs       Test execution blocker: Nashorn testsuite failing due to compile error 
JDK-8077953   core-svc        [TEST_BUG] com/sun/management/OperatingSystemMXBean/TestTotalSwap.java 
JDK-8075331   hotspot         jdb eval java.util.Arrays.asList(array) shows inconsistent behaviour 
JDK-8050825   infrastructure  Support running regression tests using jtreg_tests+TESTDIRS from top l 
JDK-8078348   security-libs   [TEST_BUG] sun/security/pkcs11/sslecc/ClientJSSEServerJSSE.java fails  
JDK-8064546   security-libs   CipherInputStream throws BadPaddingException if stream is not fully re 
JDK-8077786   tools           Check varargs access against inferred signature 
JDK-8075520   tools           Varargs access check mishandles capture variables 
JDK-8061778   tools           Wrong LineNumberTable for default constructors 
JDK-8073357   xml             schema1.xsd has wrong content. Sequence of the enum values has been ch 

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