jdk8u-b16: jdk8u-dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Tue May 19 06:30:06 UTC 2015



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8078049   core-libs       Nashorn crashes when attempting to start TypeScript compiler
JDK-8078082   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] java/awt/SplashScreen/MultiResolutionSplash/MultiResolution 
JDK-8041642   client-libs     Incorrect paint of JProgressBar in Nimbus LF 
JDK-8075609   client-libs     java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: aContainer is not a focus cycle ro 
JDK-8072769   client-libs     System tray icon title freezes java 
JDK-8078331   client-libs     Upgrade JDK to use LittleCMS 2.7 
JDK-8080090   core-libs       -d option should dump script source as well 
JDK-8077685   core-libs       (tz) Support tzdata2015d 
JDK-8075090   core-libs       Add tests for the basic failure of try/finally compilation 
JDK-8080182   core-libs       Array.prototype.sort throws IAE on inconsistent comparison 
JDK-8067420   core-libs       BrowserJSObjectLinker should give priority to beans linker for propert 
JDK-8079349   core-libs       Eliminate dead code around Nashorn code generator 
JDK-8066215   core-libs       Fuzzing bug: length valueOf bug 
JDK-8066214   core-libs       Fuzzing bug: Object.prototype.toLocaleString(0) 
JDK-8066226   core-libs       Fuzzing bug: parameter counts differ in TypeConverterFactory 
JDK-8079470   core-libs       Misleading error message when explicit signature constructor is called 
JDK-8078490   core-libs       Missed submissions in ForkJoinPool 
JDK-8079269   core-libs       Optimistic rewrite in object literal causes ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExcep 
JDK-8055088   core-libs       Optimization for locale resources loading isn't working 
JDK-8078612   core-libs       Persistent code cache should support more configurations 
JDK-8066222   core-libs       too strong assertion on function expression names 
JDK-8080286   core-libs       use path separator setting consistently in Nashorn project properties 
JDK-8047365   core-libs       Very long function names break codegen 
JDK-8068985   core-libs       Wrong 'this' bound to eval call within a function when caller's 'this' 
JDK-4505697   core-svc        nsk/jdi/ExceptionEvent/_itself_/exevent006 and exevent008 tests fail w 
JDK-8079087   infrastructure  Add support for Cygwin 2.0 
JDK-8050123   other-libs      Incorrect property name documented in CORBA InputStream API 
JDK-8079129   security-libs   NullPointerException in PKCS#12 Keystore in PKCS12KeyStore.java 
JDK-8078439   security-libs   SPNEGO auth fails if client proposes MS krb5 OID 
JDK-8064803   tools           Javac erroneously uses instantiated signatures when merging abstract m 
JDK-8078560   tools           The crash reporting URL listed by javac needs to be updated 
JDK-8062518   xml             AIOBE occurs when accessing to document function in extended function  

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