RfA JDK-8077296 RE build fails on non-Win builds when attempting to build Win only javadoc

Pete Brunet peter.brunet at oracle.com
Wed May 27 15:35:43 UTC 2015

I'd like to push the JDK-8077296 patch to 8u.


- As part of the open sourcing of the JAB and Java Accessibility
Utilities (JAU) the JAU Javadoc was set up to be added to the build.
- Due to an 8u RE build issue (it uses source bundles) the Javadoc had
to be temporarily disabled: JDK-8076552
- The issue was caused by JAU code being in windows instead of share.
  - For 9 the JAU code is in
jdk.accessibility/share/classes/com/sun/java/accessibility/util (and the
JAB code under jdk.accessibility/windows).
  - For 8u both the JAU and JAB code is in jdk/src/windows.
- The problem on 8u is with non-windows builds; the 8 Javadoc build
process doesn't find the JAU files because they are in a windows directory.
- The fix is to refactor so 8u is like 9 with the JAU files in share;
then the javadoc build process will find the source for all build platforms.
- Make has been changed so jaccess.jar is built for all platforms.
- Some obsolete files have been removed as they were causing build
problems.  They were removed from 9 earlier but not from 8u.  These are
com/sun/java/accessibility/util/java/awt/ChoiceTranslator.java and all
the files in com/sun/java/accessibility/extensions.

I tested this by doing a source bundles build on Win, transferring the
zips to Mac, unzipping the zips, and building from the unzipped files. 
That build was successful and the use of jaccess.jar was successful.


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