[8u-communication] JDK 8u66 is now available!

Seán Coffey sean.coffey at oracle.com
Wed Oct 21 10:35:08 UTC 2015

JDK 8u66 was released yesterday [0]. Thanks to all those who have 
contributed towards it.

OpenJDK 8u66 source code is available from the jdk8u master forest via 
use of the 'jdk8u66-b17' mercurial tag. I plan to update the OpenJDK 8u 
project page with latest status.

If you're packaging this release, it could be useful to let subscribed 
members know about it via communication on this mailing list. Please 
continue to contribute fixes back to the jdk8u-dev forest [1] which is 
already gathering changes for 8u72. Note that 8u72 based early access 
binaries from Oracle are already available [2]


[0] http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html
[1] http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk8u/jdk8u-dev
[2] https://jdk8.java.net/download.html


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