Downloading Source code

Stanislav Baiduzhyi sbaiduzh at
Mon Jan 4 10:19:13 UTC 2016

On 30/12/15 11:09, Andrew Haley wrote:
> On 30/12/15 09:46, Wang Weijun wrote:
>> I suppose when you said download manager friendly it means you can easily resume a broken download.
> You can't do better than hg for that purpose.  It automatically
> resumes a broken download.

This will result in 5 times the network traffic. For a person who is not 
interested in historical data it will be the least optimal solution. 
Unfortunately does not offer a source bundle download 
any more.

I would suggest one of the following:

Both of them support the resume of the download with 'wget -c' or 
graphical download managers, and both of them will result in much 
smaller download size. Of course RPM then needs 3 layers of unpacking, 
while drops of icedtea 7 will require some manual work to put the tree 
together to make it buildable.


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