jmx-dev [8] RFR(S): 8147857: RMIConnector logs attribute names incorrectly

Andrew Hughes gnu.andrew at
Fri Jan 22 17:47:32 UTC 2016

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> On 22/01/16 15:58, Andrew Hughes wrote:
> >> >Yes - please fix this issue in JDK 9 first as per rule 1:
> >> >
> >> >
> >> >In a nutshell, produce a JDK 9 webrev, send it to
> >> >serviceability-dev at  for review and once reviewed, push
> >> >to jdk9/dev forest. Once done, you can then submit a JDK 8u integration
> >> >approval request.
> > I've applied Severin's patch to 9 and it applies as-is, once shuffled.
> > Are the existing reviews sufficient? Jaroslav, Daniel & I have all OKed
> > it already.
> >
> > I do think the copyright notice should read 'Red Hat' and I've raised
> > this with Severin.
> I'm not sure. Everyone reviews and fixes in JDK 9 first and then
> backports where necessary. Since this was also reviewed on
> serviceability-dev, I think you might not need another round of reviews.
> regards,
> Sean.

Ok, I pushed the change:

I know it's not the ideal way around to do this, but if it had been a case
of three people reviewing it in 9, and it applying to 8 with an unshuffle,
a re-review wouldn't have been required. Hence, I'm taking it as the same
this way around, but in future, Severin, please always post to 9 first
unless it really is inapplicable there.

Also, the actual fix is just a one-line typo correction :-) Most of the
changeset is a test case for it, and I built and ran the test before

Andrew :)

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