JDK-8161144 (Broken Allocation Stack from VisualVM)

Jon V. sybersnake at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 11:54:21 UTC 2016

I”m not a JBS member otherwise I would add something to the outstanding
ticket.  I’ve also confirmed that this bug is still present in 8u112 b04 as

I’m currently tracking down what I believe to be an Integer leak in JDK 8’s
NIO (It's creating 30 MB/s worth of Integer objects and they aren’t being
removed by escape analysis) and not being able to use allocation stack
traces has made it impossible.  The error I’m looking for doesn’t exist in
JDK 7 (as confirmed this morning)

Like the original bug submitter, I too am testing on Ubuntu.

If Shafi Ahmad is on this list, the URL for the debug build doesn’t work.

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