[8u communication] New changes for JDK 8 Update enhancement requests

Seán Coffey sean.coffey at oracle.com
Thu Nov 3 13:42:08 UTC 2016

Hearing no objections to this proposal, I'll proceed to make the 
suggested edits to the OpenJDK 8 Updates Project page.

For new enhancement requests in JDK 8 Updates, please use the new 
Enhancement request template from now on.


On 23/08/2016 11:57, Seán Coffey wrote:
> As the JDK 9 GA date continues to grow closer[1], more efforts will go
> into stabilizing the JDK 9 release. The latest feature release line serves
> as a delivery mechanism for new enhancements that enter the JDK.
> With that in mind, I'd like to propose a change to how enhancements
> are ported to JDK 8 Updates.
> Enhancements normally bring more code change and testing requirements
> with them. With most efforts being focused on JDK 9, I'd like to
> suggest that we recapitulate any enhancements being proposed for the
> JDK 8 Updates Project. The proposed change just involves giving the
> Project maintainers early notification of any proposed enhancement
> work being planned for the Project. The maintainers can assess each
> request and help make a decision on its suitability.
> In particular here are the proposed changes for the JDK 8 Updates 
> processes:
> ====
> In Ground Rules: [2]
>  In Rule 3:
>    Changes submitted for a JDK 8 Update forest MUST go through code
>    review, and MUST be approved by the maintainer for that forest.
>    The maintainer of a forest MAY delegate that authority, allowing for
>    approvals to happen in a more finely granular fashion - per
>    repository, for example.
> Add:
>    If the change is an enhancement, then a separate enhancement backport
>    request MUST be approved by the maintainer for that forest prior to
>    the change being submitted for code review and final maintainer
>    approval.
> with "Enhancement backport request" linking to a new
>   Enhancement Backport Approval Template:
>    Use this template for requesting a backport of an enhancement to any
>    8u release. Note that "critical fix approval" also needs to be
>    requested for any fixes targeted to an RDP2 release. Enhancement
>    backport approval requests for JDK 8 update releases MUST be sent to
>    the jdk8u-dev at openjdk.java.net mailing list prior to requesting code
>    review, and SHOULD follow this template:
>   Subject: [8u$N] Request for enhancement backport approval for CR $NR 
> - $Synopsis
>   With the body containing:
>   * either a link to the publicly visible enhancement issue on the 
> bugs.java.com
>   site (or its equivalent), or a description of the change in case 
> that there is no publicly
>   visible enhancement issue to link to
>   * a rationale for why the enhancement should be backported,
>   including the benefit and risks involved, what testing has been 
> done, and what the results were.
> ====
> Please submit comments on this proposal before 31st August 2016.
> regards,
> Sean.
> [1] http://openjdk.java.net/projects/jdk9/
> [2] http://openjdk.java.net/projects/jdk8u/groundrules.html

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