the Minimum set when install jdk8u

David Holmes david.holmes at
Thu Oct 20 13:38:36 UTC 2016

On 20/10/2016 11:28 PM, Diaz Soho wrote:
> Hi all,
> when I finish build jdk8u, and try to install to a local directory,
> I find the folder /usr/local/jvm/ include a lots of files , the size
> is very large.
> is there any minimun set that I can select to install to my embedded platform?
> for example:
> if I would like to run "java -jar <my_app.jar>" on my embedded
> platform, then how to figure out the minimum set that should be
> installed ?

The Compact Profiles support smaller runtime images (subsetting rt.jar), 
as does the Minimal VM (stripped down with some services removed). But 
there are only three defined profiles, you can't arbitrarily remove 
things from rt.jar


> Thanks!
> Best Regards,
> DiazSoho

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