the Minimum set when install jdk8u

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Mon Oct 31 19:43:18 UTC 2016

* Diaz Soho <soho123.2012 at> [2016-10-20 09:29]:
> when I finish build jdk8u, and try to install to a local directory,
> I find the folder /usr/local/jvm/ include a lots of files , the size
> is very large.
> is there any minimun set that I can select to install to my embedded platform?
> for example:
> if I would like to run "java -jar <my_app.jar>" on my embedded
> platform, then how to figure out the minimum set that should be
> installed ?

I can't help with the produce-minimal-jre-for-my-app problem, but here
are some ideas for trimming your JDK image if you are still having
trouble with this:

- If you don't care about debugging the JVM itself, remove all debugging
  information. Look for .debuginfo or .diz files and delete them.

- If you don't care about using a debugger with java to debug the JDK
  itself, you can get rid of

- You probably can live without docs, right? demo/, man/ and samples/
  can be removed.

- If your application doesn't use the JDK bits (doesn't compile code and
  doesn't need to use tools.jar), then you can try using just the JRE,
  not the JDK (j2re-image instead of j2sdk-image).

In my tests, I end up with a 99M JRE image rather than a 300M JDK image.


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