Cross compile jdk8u on PPC32

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Hi Radu,

'hotspot/src/cpu/ppc' only supports PPC64. I’m not so familiar with the zero build, but I’ve heard about people using zero on PPC32 (e.g. for Debian). Maybe one of them can provide hints.

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I am still having trouble compiling the 'zero' jvm-variant. I get C/C++ compiling errors I am trying to fix.

I looked in 'hotspot/src/cpu' and saw there are source-code folders for different cpu architectures: 'ppc', 'sparc', 'x86', 'zero'.
If I use jvm-variant 'zero' when compiling it will try to use the code from 'hotspot/src/cpu/zero'.
I looked in the mercurial commit logs and saw (I guess) commits for PPC being done in the folder 'hotspot/src/cpu/ppc'.

My question are to build for PPC 32 what source-code folder should I use 'hotspot/src/cpu/zero' or 'hotspot/src/cpu/ppc'?
Do I try to build/compile using jvm-variant 'zero' and force it to use the code from 'hotspot/src/cpu/ppc'?
Is the source-code from 'hotspot/src/cpu/ppc' onlu for PPC 64?

Thank you very much for the help,

On Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 11:46 AM, Andrew Haley <aph at<mailto:aph at>> wrote:
On 18/10/17 13:20, Radu Andritoiu wrote:
> I am trying to compile jdk8u using jvm-variant "zero" and it asks for
> 'libffi'.
> I read that it uses 'libffi' for JNA to bridge between the interpreter and
> native code. It does not use JNI.

That's wrong.  Zero supports JNI just fine.

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