RFA for backport of 8035496: G1 ARM: missing remset entry noticed by VerifyAfterGC for vm/gc/concurrent/lp50yp10rp70mr30st0

Ningsheng Jian ningsheng.jian at linaro.org
Fri Oct 27 01:43:21 UTC 2017

Thank you Andrew!

> Built and pushed:
> http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk8u/jdk8u-dev/hotspot/rev/4edb0f406a2c
> For the record, the 8 and 9 patches are identical, bar the change in
> path from the more succinct 'src/share/vm/gc/' in 9 to
> 'src/share/vm/gc_implementation/' in 8.
Yes, that's why I prepared the trivial webrev changeset.


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