Proposal to revise forest graph and integration practices for JDK 9

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Thu Dec 5 10:23:33 PST 2013

2013/12/5 2:10 -0800, philip.race at
> I don't think what Artem said is quite correct. SQE may not do manual
> testing But the integrator certainly does.  The final steps of our
> integration process has always included certain manual tests (applets,
> SwingSet, Java2Demo) on all the platforms (Windows, Linux, Solaris and
> now Mac) on the final built bits.  We will need to maintain that
> process.

Lana -- Can you handle doing these manual tests once a week?

> Whilst hotspot and language changes may need to coordinate to be in
> the same place sooner rather than later there is no such need for
> client changes.  So no benefit accrues from a shared forest there.

The need for coordinated changes may be lower, but there are still
benefits in terms of mixing code earlier and focusing the integration
and testing process.

- Mark

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