Initial forests for JDK 9

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Mon Dec 9 21:22:04 PST 2013

I'd like to go forward with Joe's proposal [1], as informed by our
discussion over the last two weeks.  My thanks to Joe for driving
the conversation.

To summarize, under we'll have:

  jdk9    "Master" forest -- a time-delayed, stable version of "dev"

  dev      Default development forest -- replaces the current "tl"
           forest, integrates directly into the master

  client   Client development forest (AWT, 2D, Swing) -- integrates
           into "dev" after suitable manual testing

  hotspot  HotSpot development forest -- integrates into "dev"

There will also be HotSpot group forests (hotspot-{comp,emb,gc,rt}), at
least for now.

We'll create these forests on Thursday as clones of the JDK 8 master
forest, at tag jdk8-b120.

I will, as suggested, fold active HSX and Nashorn contributors into the
appropriate JDK 9 Project roles.

To be specific: If you hold the Author, Committer, or Reviewer role in
the JDK 8 Project [2], the HSX Project [3], the Nashorn Project [4], or
some combination of these Projects, and you have contributed at least one
changeset to JDK 8, either directly or indirectly, then in JDK 9 you will
be granted the highest of the roles that you hold amongst those Projects.

- Mark


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