Initial forests for JDK 9

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I'll be creating the JDK 9 forests on Thursday.  I'm assuming that configuration should be the obvious extensions of what we have now for the JDK 8 Master and team forests (e.g. same jcheck settings, s/8/9/g ).

One change I'd like to propose is modification of the destinations for push notifications.  

For JDK 8, changes to the Master and all team forests are sent to jdk8-changes at ojn.  Push notifications to team forests are also sent to various -dev mailing lists.  In some cases notifications may be sent to multiple mailing lists.  For instance, changes to the tl forest are sent to compiler-dev, core-libs-dev, serviceability-dev, security-dev, and net-dev.  With the reduction in the number of team repos in JDK 9 particularly for client, the number of duplicate push notifications will increase.  

I recommend that each of the forests send push notifications to new mailing lists which use the following naming convention: jdk9-forest?-changes at ojn .  Notifications for jdk9 would be sent to jdk9-changes, dev to jdk9-dev-changes, hotspot-rt to jdk9-hotspot-rt-changes, etc.  

There are a couple of options for the set of initial subscribers:
1. All lists have an empty list of initial subscribers.  We announce the existence of these lists and encourage people to subscribe as appropriate.
2. The set of initial subscribers for each list is initialized as the union of people currently subscribed to the -dev mailing lists that are used for JDK 8 notifications.  For example, the initial subscribes of the jdk9-dev-changes would be the union of those e-mail addresses which receive mail from the {compiler,core-libs,serviceability,security,net}-dev lists.  After the -changes lists have been created, anybody subscribing to a -dev list will need to consider whether they also wish to subscribe to a -changes list (i.e. automatic subscription to -changes will only occur only on creation).



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I'd like to go forward with Joe's proposal [1], as informed by our discussion over the last two weeks.  My thanks to Joe for driving the conversation.

To summarize, under we'll have:

  jdk9    "Master" forest -- a time-delayed, stable version of "dev"

  dev      Default development forest -- replaces the current "tl"
           forest, integrates directly into the master

  client   Client development forest (AWT, 2D, Swing) -- integrates
           into "dev" after suitable manual testing

  hotspot  HotSpot development forest -- integrates into "dev"

There will also be HotSpot group forests (hotspot-{comp,emb,gc,rt}), at least for now.

We'll create these forests on Thursday as clones of the JDK 8 master forest, at tag jdk8-b120.

I will, as suggested, fold active HSX and Nashorn contributors into the appropriate JDK 9 Project roles.

To be specific: If you hold the Author, Committer, or Reviewer role in the JDK 8 Project [2], the HSX Project [3], the Nashorn Project [4], or some combination of these Projects, and you have contributed at least one changeset to JDK 8, either directly or indirectly, then in JDK 9 you will be granted the highest of the roles that you hold amongst those Projects.

- Mark


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