Initial forests for JDK 9

Magnus Ihse Bursie magnus.ihse.bursie at
Tue Dec 10 01:20:04 PST 2013

On 2013-12-10 07:57, Iris Clark wrote:
> One change I'd like to propose is modification of the destinations for push notifications.
> For JDK 8, changes to the Master and all team forests are sent to jdk8-changes at ojn.  Push notifications to team forests are also sent to various -dev mailing lists.  In some cases notifications may be sent to multiple mailing lists.  For instance, changes to the tl forest are sent to compiler-dev, core-libs-dev, serviceability-dev, security-dev, and net-dev.  With the reduction in the number of team repos in JDK 9 particularly for client, the number of duplicate push notifications will increase.
> I recommend that each of the forests send push notifications to new mailing lists which use the following naming convention: jdk9-forest?-changes at ojn .  Notifications for jdk9 would be sent to jdk9-changes, dev to jdk9-dev-changes, hotspot-rt to jdk9-hotspot-rt-changes, etc.
Sounds very good to me! It's a constant struggle with less-capable 
mailing system to keep up reasonable filters to be able to separate hg 
notification from the proper discussions on the -dev mailing lists.

> There are a couple of options for the set of initial subscribers:
> 1. All lists have an empty list of initial subscribers.  We announce the existence of these lists and encourage people to subscribe as appropriate.
> 2. The set of initial subscribers for each list is initialized as the union of people currently subscribed to the -dev mailing lists that are used for JDK 8 notifications.  For example, the initial subscribes of the jdk9-dev-changes would be the union of those e-mail addresses which receive mail from the {compiler,core-libs,serviceability,security,net}-dev lists.  After the -changes lists have been created, anybody subscribing to a -dev list will need to consider whether they also wish to subscribe to a -changes list (i.e. automatic subscription to -changes will only occur only on creation).

As long as you can subscribe/unsubscribe at will, I don't think the 
default is so important. Option 1 is the cleanest, but option 2 might 
provide "backward compatilibity" with current praxis.


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