Initial forests for JDK 9

Joe Darcy joe.darcy at
Tue Dec 10 14:07:30 PST 2013

On 12/10/2013 01:52 PM, John Coomes wrote:
> mark.reinhold at (mark.reinhold at wrote:
>> I'd like to go forward with Joe's proposal [1], as informed by our
>> discussion over the last two weeks.  My thanks to Joe for driving
>> the conversation.
>> To summarize, under we'll have:
>>    jdk9    "Master" forest -- a time-delayed, stable version of "dev"
>>    dev      Default development forest -- replaces the current "tl"
>>             forest, integrates directly into the master
>>    client   Client development forest (AWT, 2D, Swing) -- integrates
>>             into "dev" after suitable manual testing
>>    hotspot  HotSpot development forest -- integrates into "dev"
> Please name the above tree "hotspot-dev" instead of "hotspot", to
> avoid having a tree with the same name as a repo contained within it.
> During jdk7 development we used http://.../jdk7/hotspot/hotspot; it
> made conversations rather awkward and somtimes lead to confusion,
> since the term "hotspot" was ambiguous.

If we are going to have "dev" and "hotspot-dev", should we also have 
"client-dev" for consistency?


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