Initial forests for JDK 9

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Thu Dec 12 07:32:23 PST 2013

2013/12/11 10:53 -0800, stuart.marks at
> As long as we're, no seriously. I agree that having 
> hotspot/hotspot in the path is a concern and should be avoided. By the same 
> token, what should the master forest be called? Mark's original proposal said:
>> To summarize, under we'll have:
>> jdk9    "Master" forest -- a time-delayed, stable version of "dev"
> This puts jdk9/jdk9 in the path. Since everybody describes this as the "master" 
> forest, why don't we actually call it "master"? Hence the forests under jdk9 
> would be master, dev, client, and the hs hierarchy (or whatever it ends up being 
> called).

Tempting, but I think it's a different situation.

If you clone the JDK 9 master then, by default, you get a forest
named "jdk9", with "hotspot", "jdk", "nashorn", and other repos
inside.  There's no conflict in a local forest.

If you clone the main HotSpot forest then, by default, you get a
forest named "hotspot", with "hotspot", "jdk", etc., inside.  The
duplication of "hotspot" in the local forest is confusing -- if
you say "hotspot" do you mean the forest, or the hotspot/hotspot
repo?  So we'll rename the forest "hs" to fix that.

- Mark

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