Initial forests for JDK 9

Iris Clark iris.clark at
Thu Dec 12 12:20:39 PST 2013

Hi, Mark.

>> Speaking of replies, should notifications set a reply-to header 
>> directing replies to a discussion list? Having discussion on a 
>> dedicated notification list would seem like a problem. (This applies 
>> to all the per-forest notification lists, not just master.)

> Iris -- What's your plan for the Reply-To headers of changeset notifications?

Based on where the notifications for jdk8 go, these are the default "Reply-to" values for each of the new mailing lists:

  jdk9-changes: jdk9-dev
  jdk9-dev-changes: compiler-dev, core-libs-dev, serviceability-dev, net-dev, build-dev
  jdk9-client-changes: 2d-dev, awt-dev, swing-dev
  jdk9-hs-changes: hotspot-dev
  jdk9-hs-comp-changes: hotspot-compiler-dev
  jdk9-hs-emb-changes: hotspot-runtime-dev
  jdk9-hs-gc-changes: hotspot-gc-dev
  jdk9-hs-rt-changes: hotspot-runtime-dev, serviceability-dev

Does everything look right?


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