Initial forests for JDK 9

John Coomes John.Coomes at
Fri Dec 13 16:13:15 PST 2013

mark.reinhold at (mark.reinhold at wrote:
> 2013/12/13 2:17 -0800, stuart.marks at
> > This looks great. I can't imagine why anybody would want jdk9-all-changes, but 
> > that's why these lists are opt-in, right?
> I wondered that myself, and then noticed that the all-changes list for
> JDK 8 has 87 subscribers ... and I'm one of them.

I'm also subscribed, but with delivery disabled, just to avoid each
push triggering a moderation event (including an "awaiting moderation"
message back to me).  Pity the jdk9-all-changes moderator.


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