Initial forests for JDK 9

David Holmes david.holmes at
Wed Dec 18 23:33:52 PST 2013

Catching up after vacation ...

I'm not sure where this ended up or what new mailing lists I might need 
to subscribe to :(

On 13/12/2013 7:18 AM, Iris Clark wrote:
>>>>>      jdk9-hs-emb-changes: hotspot-runtime-dev
>>>> There should be an Embedded team alias in addition to
>>>> hotspot-runtime-dev for this one.Yes, Runtime wants to know about the
>>>> Embedded team's work, but I think the Embedded team would also like
>>>> to know... :-)
>>> Sounds reasonable.  Which openjdk mailing list do they use:

They don't! :) We subscribe to the appropriate hotspot-dev OpenJDK 
lists. SE Embedded, being a proprietary Oracle product, does not have an 
OpenJDK discussion list.

>> Oh.... Good question... Adding Gary Collins to this thread...
> Right now, hsx/hotspot-emb on hg.openjdk goes to hotspot-runtime-dev only.

Given we sometimes make compiler and gc related changes, in addition to 
runtime related ones, it may make more sense to send these to 
hotspot-dev instead. But that increases the number of people for which 
any given email is uninteresting. Leaving it as-is seems fine to me.


> iris

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