jdk9-b22: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Jul 9 18:06:31 UTC 2014



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8044855   client-libs     Add missing @since tag under java.beans.*
JDK-8046485   client-libs     Add missing @since tag under javax.swing.*
JDK-8043805   client-libs     Allow using a system-installed libjpeg
JDK-8042465   client-libs     Applet menus not rendering when browser is full screen on Mac
JDK-8033991   client-libs     Applet:SwingSet2 is not working as expected
JDK-8046239   client-libs     Build failure in 9-client on all non-Windows platforms
JDK-8043705   client-libs     Can't exit color chooser dialog when running as an applet
JDK-8044460   client-libs     Cleanup new Boolean and single character strings
JDK-8039394   client-libs     Compiler warnings about C++ exceptions in windows printing code
JDK-8042103   client-libs     Deserialization of empty java.awt.geom.Path2D will cause an exception
JDK-8028617   client-libs     Dvorak keyboard mapping not honored when ctrl key pressed
JDK-8035301   client-libs     Eliminate dependency on sun.text from font code
JDK-8040113   client-libs     File not initialized in src/share/native/sun/awt/giflib/dgif_lib.c
JDK-8044256   client-libs     Fix doclint warnings (missing javadoc tags) in javax.swing.plaf.nimbus
JDK-8044276   client-libs     Fix doclint warnings (missing javadoc tags) in javax.swing.plaf.synth
JDK-8044281   client-libs     Fix doclint warnings (missing javadoc tags) in javax.swing.table
JDK-8043967   client-libs     Fix doclint warnings for java.awt
JDK-8046445   client-libs     Fix doclint warnings for javax.swing.plaf.multi
JDK-8046434   client-libs     Fix doclint warnings from javax.swing.plaf.metal package
JDK-8046446   client-libs     Fix doclint warnings in javax.swing.text.html package
JDK-8046895   client-libs     Fix doclint warnings in javax.swing.text.html.parser package
JDK-8044698   client-libs     Fix finally lint warnings in javax.swing
JDK-8044694   client-libs     Fix finally lint warnings in sun.print
JDK-8046271   client-libs     Fix overrides lint warnings in Apple laf code
JDK-8046272   client-libs     Fix overrides lint warnings in accessibility
JDK-8044553   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in javax.sound.*
JDK-8043549   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in javax.swing.text.*
JDK-8044551   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in platform-specific sun.awt files
JDK-8044396   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in platform-specific sun.java2d.*
JDK-8044861   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked warnings in closed client libs
JDK-8042860   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked warnings in java.beans
JDK-8042864   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked warnings in javax.print
JDK-8042871   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked warnings in sun.audio
JDK-8042870   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked warnings in sun.print
JDK-8040007   client-libs     GtkFileDialog strips user inputted filepath
JDK-8046391   client-libs     Hang displaying JFileChooser with Windows L&F
JDK-8032788   client-libs     ImageIcon constructor throws an NPE and hangs when passed a null String parameter 
JDK-8036110   client-libs     In TextField can only select text visible or to the left of the cursor
JDK-8041561   client-libs     Inconsistent opacity behaviour between JCheckBox and JRadioButton
JDK-8043807   client-libs     Incorrect StackTrace in IOException thrown from ClipboardTransferable
JDK-7084904   client-libs     Introspector returns isX() from base package-private class that throws exception
JDK-8046245   client-libs     JDK 9 client build failure on Solaris
JDK-8043979   client-libs     Javadoc cleanup of javax.sound.sampled package
JDK-8043456   client-libs     KSS: javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicInternalFrameTitlePane#postClosingEvent
JDK-8043151   client-libs     KSS: javax.swing.plaf.nimbus.AbstractRegionPainter#getComponentColor
JDK-8043152   client-libs     KSS: javax.swing.plaf.synth.SynthContext
JDK-8043153   client-libs     KSS: javax.swing.plaf.synth.SynthParser#startColor
JDK-8041915   client-libs     Move 8 awt tests to OpenJDK regression tests tree
JDK-8047180   client-libs     Move functional tests AWT_Headless/Automated to OpenJDK repository
JDK-8044765   client-libs     Move functional tests AWT_SystemTray/Automated to openjdk repository
JDK-8043627   client-libs     NPE in SynthContext in plugin mode
JDK-8039383   client-libs     NPE when changing Windows Theme
JDK-8009883   client-libs     REGRESSION: test/closed/javax/swing/AbstractButton/4246045/bug4246045.java fails
JDK-8047798   client-libs     Remove EventQueueDelegate
JDK-8048613   client-libs     Remove unneeded/obsolete -source/-target options in closed client libs tests
JDK-8048891   client-libs     Remove unused JObjC from jdk repository
JDK-8043972   client-libs     Remove wrong copyright notice in jdk/test/java/awt/Frame/DecoratedExceptions/DecoratedExceptions.java
JDK-8016451   client-libs     Scary messages emitted by build.tools.generatenimbus.PainterGenerator during build
JDK-8043610   client-libs     Sorting columns in JFileChooser fails with AppContext NPE
JDK-7112454   client-libs     TEST_BUG: java/awt/Choice/PopdownGeneratesMouseEvents/PopdownGeneratesMouseEvents.html failed
JDK-8041896   client-libs     Test closed/java/awt/Choice/RemoveAllShrinkTest/RemoveAllShrinkTest fails with java.awt.IllegalComponentStateException
JDK-8031471   client-libs     Test closed/java/awt/dnd/FileDialogDropTargetTest/FileDialogDropTargetTest.java fails on Solaris zones virtual hosts
JDK-8042094   client-libs     Test javax/swing/JFileChooser/7036025/bug7036025.java fails with java.lang.NullPointerException on Windows x86
JDK-8040829   client-libs     Uninitialised memory in jdk/src/closed/share/native/sun/java2d/cmm/
JDK-8040271   client-libs     Uninitialised memory in jdk/src/windows/native/sun/windows: awt_List.cpp, awt_InputMethod.cpp
JDK-8019180   client-libs     Use JComboBox as it's own ActionListener leads to unexpected behaviour
JDK-8007563   client-libs     When checking the default behaviour for a scroll tab layout and checking the 'opaque' checkbox, the area behind tabs is not red.
JDK-8033786   client-libs     White flashing when opening Dialogs and Menus using Nimbus with dark background
JDK-8029455   client-libs     [JLightweightFrame] support scaled painting
JDK-8017626   client-libs     [OGL] Translucent VolatileImages don't paint correctly
JDK-8041644   client-libs     [OGL] clip is ignored during surface->sw blit
JDK-8041129   client-libs     [OGL] surface->sw blit is extremely slow
JDK-8042098   client-libs     [TESTBUG] Test sun/java2d/AcceleratedXORModeTest.java fails on Windows
JDK-8046221   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] Cleanup datatransfer tests
JDK-8041464   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] CustomClassLoaderTransferTest does not support OS X
JDK-8044157   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] Improve recently submitted AWT_Mixing tests
JDK-8044172   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] Move regtests for 4523758 and AltPlusNumberKeyCombinationsTest to jdk
JDK-8026385   client-libs     [macosx] (awt) setjmp/longjmp changes the process signal mask on OS X
JDK-8031485   client-libs     [macosx] Combo box consuming escape key events
JDK-8047061   client-libs     [macosx] Crash when setting display mode
JDK-8040291   client-libs     [macosx] Http-Images are not fully loaded when using ImageIcon
JDK-8041990   client-libs     [macosx] Language specific keys does not work in applets when opened outside the browser
JDK-8044516   client-libs     [macosx] ScreenPopupFactory uses native method that could be avoided
JDK-8042855   client-libs     [parfait] Potential null pointer dereference  in IndicLayoutEngine.cpp 
JDK-8042850   client-libs     [parfait]: Extra unused entries in ICU ScriptCodes enum
JDK-7100952   client-libs     closed/javax/swing/JComboBox/6246463/bug6246463.java deadlocks on MacOS
JDK-8040901   client-libs     fix doclint missing block tag issues in swing event classes
JDK-8043509   client-libs     java.awt.Font gets initialized with the wrong font name for some Locales
JDK-8038000   client-libs     java.awt.image.RasterFormatException: Incorrect scanline stride
JDK-8039901   client-libs     jdk/src/share/classes/com/sun/media/sound/services/<platform> appear not to be used
JDK-8043646   client-libs     libosxapp.dylib fails to build on Mac OS 10.9 with clang
JDK-8044429   client-libs     move awt automated exclusion tests for AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository
JDK-8047728   core-libs        (function(x){var o={x:0}; with(o){delete x} return o.x})()  evaluates to 0 instead of undefined
JDK-8047166   core-libs        Function("do with({}) break ; while(0);")() crashes with AssertionError from CompilationPhase.java:437
JDK-8047371   core-libs        function f(){ var a=1; with({ get a() { return false } }) return a }; f() throws TypeError with optimistic compilation
JDK-8047369   core-libs       Add regression tests for passing test cases of JDK-8024971
JDK-8047078   core-libs       ArrayLiteral mutability caused trouble in optimistic types
JDK-8047331   core-libs       Assertion in CompiledFunction when running earley-boyer after Merge
JDK-8046201   core-libs       Avoid repeated flattening of nested ConsStrings
JDK-8048207   core-libs       CheckedQueue.offer calls wrong method on wrapped queue
JDK-8047795   core-libs       Collections.checkedList checking bypassed by List.replaceAll
JDK-8043327   core-libs       Collectors.toMap studentToGPA example uses Functions.identity()
JDK-8046921   core-libs       Deoptimization type information peristence
JDK-8049242   core-libs       Explicit constructor overload selection should work with StaticClass as well
JDK-8048840   core-libs       File.createTempFile has uninformative failure message
JDK-8047357   core-libs       Function("switch((null >> x3)) { default: {var x; break ; }\nthrow x; }")() results in AssertionError in LocalVariableTypesCalculator
JDK-8043232   core-libs       Index selection of overloaded java new constructors
JDK-8048718   core-libs       JSON.parse('{"0":0, "64":0}') throws ArrayindexOutOfBoundsException
JDK-8049222   core-libs       JSType class exposes public mutable arrays
JDK-8048079   core-libs       Persistent code store is broken after optimistic types merge
JDK-8039317   core-libs       Read currency.data as a resource
JDK-8042369   core-libs       Remove duplicated java.time classes in build.tools.tzdb
JDK-8047954   core-libs       Remove unneeded/obsolete -source/-target options in closed jdk tests
JDK-8048874   core-libs       Replace uses of 'new Byte', 'new Short' and 'new Character' with appropriate alternative across core classes
JDK-8048267   core-libs       Replace uses of 'new Long()' with appropriate alternative across core classes
JDK-8049223   core-libs       RewriteException class exposes public mutable arrays
JDK-8047904   core-libs       Runtime.loadLibrary throws SecurityException when security manager is installed
JDK-8049225   core-libs       Source class exposes public mutable array
JDK-8048586   core-libs       String concatenation with optimistic types is slow
JDK-8048009   core-libs       Type info caching accidentally defeated
JDK-8029607   core-libs       Type of Service (TOS) cannot be set in IPv6 header
JDK-8046013   core-libs       TypeError: Cannot apply "with" to non script object
JDK-8043328   core-libs       Typo in documentation of package java.util.stream
JDK-8048014   core-libs       Update java.lang.SafeVararags for private methods
JDK-8048990   core-libs       ZipFile.entries() can't handle empty zip entry names
JDK-8033147   core-libs       [pack200] the closed test needs some improvement
JDK-8046905   core-libs       apply on apply is broken
JDK-8047959   core-libs       bindings created for declarations in eval code are not mutable
JDK-8048071   core-libs       eval within 'with' statement does not use correct scope if with scope expression has a copy of eval
JDK-8047674   core-libs       java/net/URLPermission/nstest/lookup.sh NoClassDefFoundError when run in concurrent mode
JDK-8047359   core-libs       large string size RangeError should be thrown rather than reporting negative length
JDK-8048505   core-libs       readFully does not handle ConsString file names
JDK-8048115   core-libs       remove GPL headers from solaris/classes/sun/nio/ch/SocketOptionRegistry-linux-*.template
JDK-8048989   core-libs       small errors in Collectors examples
JDK-8000650   core-libs       unpack200.exe should check gzip crc
JDK-8048005   core-svc        Add test timing information to JMXStartStopTest
JDK-8046024   core-svc        JDI shared memory transport failed with "Observed abandoned IP mutex"
JDK-8038321   core-svc        RMIConnector_NPETest.java can't start rmid if running on fastdebug or Solaris-sparc
JDK-8047073   core-svc        Some javax/management/ fails with JFR
JDK-8048892   core-svc        TEST_BUG: shell script tests need to be change to not use retired @debuggeeVMOptions mechanism
JDK-8048710   core-svc        Use ServiceLoader for the jvmstat protocols
JDK-8048687   core-svc        [TESTBUG] com/sun/jdi/ExclusiveBind.java "Could not find or load main class" 
JDK-8044427   core-svc        [test] sun/management/jmxremote/startstop/JMXStartStopTest times out intermittently on Solaris/Sparcv9
JDK-8048193   core-svc        [tests] Replace JPS and stdout based PID retrieval by Process.getPid()
JDK-8046883   core-svc        com/sun/jdi/ProcessAttachTest.sh gets "java.io.IOException: Invalid process identifier" on windows
JDK-8038794   core-svc        java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/SynchronizationStatistics.java fails intermittently
JDK-8028474   core-svc        sun/jvmstat/monitor/MonitoredVm/MonitorVmStartTerminate.sh timeout, leaves looping process behind
JDK-8038826   core-svc        sun/management/jmxremote/startstop/JMXStartStopTest.java fails with "should report port in use"
JDK-8043299   deploy          "Disable sponsor offer" JCP option is unset after Java is installed with SPONSORS=0 command line argument.
JDK-8043215   deploy          AccessControlException: FilePermission when applet tries to establish HTTPS connection
JDK-8044360   deploy          Add more things to ignore to .hgignore
JDK-8043582   deploy          App gets blocked instead of showing multiple click dialog when no ocsp and crl info in certificate
JDK-8040668   deploy          Automate Securitypack.jar  creation
JDK-8043641   deploy          ExtensionInstallerService.updateProgress() doesn't force the progress bar to be visible after calling hideProgressBar() as specified
JDK-8046330   deploy          JDK-8027821 could be reproduced on the latest jre8u25b1
JDK-8043390   deploy          JNLP Api dialogs can't be restored by JCP/Restore Security Prompts.
JDK-8043230   deploy          MacNPAPIJavaPlugin incorrectly constructed which sometimes causes Applet not to load
JDK-8043097   deploy          Misspelling of property name within RevocationChecker.java
JDK-8038599   deploy          Move com.sun.java.browser.dom and com.sun.java.browser.net to deploy
JDK-8043229   deploy          NPE in sun.lwawt.macosx.CEmbeddedFrame.getLayerPtr during applet startup
JDK-8043614   deploy          On MACOSX method requestShortcut(.., true, ..) returns result inconsistent with hasMenuShortcut()/hasDesktopShortcut() result
JDK-8043478   deploy          Oracle Linux 5.x: Expired JRE disabled in the browser automatically and no native dialog prompting for the JRE update
JDK-8031993   deploy          Provide API to check if a given DRS allows or blocks a given application
JDK-8023677   deploy          REGRESSION:Calling next on Classloader.getResources() get security error
JDK-8022939   deploy          REGRESSION:NullPointerException at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.prepareToLaunch()
JDK-8042907   deploy          Regression: Testcase for 8032206 fails with 9 b08 and 8u20 b09
JDK-8043449   deploy          Remove AppInfo.getFutureBlock*** methods
JDK-8044063   deploy          Remove com.sun.java.browser.* from jdk repo
JDK-8037921   deploy          SSV relaunch when running applet requesting Java 1.4 since 8u20 b06
JDK-8043547   deploy          SecurityBaseLine test doesn't fully restore the baseline configuration after completion
JDK-8014943   deploy          Some jar-tampering scenarios are not forbidden for traditional non-jnlp applets with caching off
JDK-8043568   deploy          Unable to toggle suppressing sponsor offers option without existing destination folder 
JDK-8046899   deploy          Uninitialised memory in deploy/src/javaws/unix/native/system_md.c
JDK-8041499   deploy          Unsigned jars in manifest of signed JNLP applet are not executed if host is added to ESL
JDK-8044043   deploy          Warn user of invalid elements and attributes in ruleset.xml
JDK-8043231   deploy          [mac] Too long pipe names: sometimes duplicate names arises when many applets on page
JDK-8035414   deploy          [parfait] warning from b09 for deploy.src.plugin.win32.plugin2.jp2iexp.AxControl.cpp: 'JNI exception pending' 
JDK-8044650   deploy          api/javax_jnlp/SingleInstanceService/index_AddRemove fails on MacOS with TCK 8.0.20
JDK-8043589   deploy          deploy doclint issues
JDK-8043985   deploy          javaws: application error for jnlp that specifies http.agent property if cache is disabled since 8u20 b09
JDK-8043530   deploy          javax.jnlp.IntegrationService.requestShortcut throws NPE on Oracle Linux for a (valid) null submenu string
JDK-8042641   deploy          jcontrol script should use pwd with -P flag
JDK-8044055   deploy          jfxrt.jar has a duplicate JSObject class without getWindow(Applet)
JDK-8043134   deploy          refactoring existing DRS functionality - splitting RuleId class into smaller classes
JDK-8038331   embedded        Crash in 8u6 embedded nightly: closed/runtime/6244515/Truncate.java
JDK-8023096   embedded        crash in JNI_CreateJavaVM nsk/regression/b4506782 on ppc and ppcv2
JDK-8047042   embedded        removal of npt library failed embedded builds in jdk9-dev
JDK-8043224   hotspot         -Xcheck:jni improvements to exception checking and excessive local refs
JDK-6311046   hotspot         -Xcheck:jni should support checking of GetPrimitiveArrayCritical
JDK-8044107   hotspot         Add Diagnostic Command to list all ClassLoaders
JDK-8044123   hotspot         Add JFR events to list all ClassLoaders
JDK-8046715   hotspot         Add a way to verify an extended set of command line options
JDK-8046408   hotspot         Build failure from multiple ptrace.h
JDK-8044797   hotspot         Building with clang gives: fatal error: file '...' has been modified since the precompiled header was built
JDK-8046662   hotspot         Check JNI ReleaseStringChars / ReleaseStringUTFChars verify_guards test inverted
JDK-8044738   hotspot         Check attribute_length of EnclosingMethod attribute
JDK-8044796   hotspot         G1: Enabled G1CollectedHeap::stop()
JDK-8038392   hotspot         Generating prelink cache breaks JAVA 'jinfo' utility normal behaviour
JDK-8031819   hotspot         Remove legacy jdk checks and code
JDK-6961433   hotspot         Revisit need to disable Windows C++ compiler optimisation of sharedRuntimeTrig.cpp
JDK-8046769   hotspot         Set T family feature bit on Niagara systems
JDK-8043722   hotspot         Swapped usage of idx_t and bm_word_t types in parMarkBitMap.cpp
JDK-8044772   hotspot         TempDirTest.java still times out with -Xcomp
JDK-8046287   hotspot         [TESTBUG] runtime/Thread/TestThreadDumpMonitorContention.java failed error_cnt=12
JDK-8043492   hotspot         ad_x86_64_misc.obj : error LNK2011: precompiled object not linked in; image may not run
JDK-8047156   hotspot         cleanup more non-indent white space issues prior to Contended Locking cleanup bucket
JDK-8046758   hotspot         cleanup non-indent white space issues prior to Contended Locking cleanup bucket
JDK-8039150   hotspot         host_klass invariant fails when verifying newly loaded JSR-292 anonymous classes
JDK-8044540   hotspot         serviceability/sa/jmap-hashcode/Test8028623.java should be quarantined
JDK-8046684   hotspot         sharedRuntime.cpp...assert(((nmethod*)cb)->is_at_poll_or_poll_return(pc)) failed: safepoint polling: type must be poll
JDK-8044742   hotspot         testlibrary_tests/whitebox/vm_flags/BooleanTest.java NoClassDefFoundError: com/oracle/java/testlibrary/JDKToolFinder
JDK-8047925   infrastructure  Add Mercurial Version check to get_source.sh
JDK-8044715   infrastructure  Add finally lint warning to build of jdk repository 
JDK-8047740   infrastructure  Add hotspot testset to jprt.properties
JDK-8046273   infrastructure  Add overrides lint warning to build of jdk repository
JDK-8048321   infrastructure  Enable doclint warnings in build of docs from langtools
JDK-8047387   infrastructure  Generate different version of java.policy file for windows 32-bit and 64-bit
JDK-8043259   infrastructure  Install build fails on Ubuntu with sh error in compile_async.sh
JDK-8047763   infrastructure  Recognize sparc64 as a sparc platform
JDK-8048839   infrastructure  Reverse sense of -Xlint options in build of jdk repo
JDK-8048302   infrastructure  Update bug reporting URL in make/Javadoc.gmk
JDK-8043340   infrastructure  [macosx] Fix hard-wired paths to JavaVM.framework
JDK-8048322   infrastructure  remove intermediates from processed files of parfait report
JDK-8041553   install         8u20-b10: Jre can't be installed to folders containing non-ASCII chara
JDK-8041144   install         AU should be easier to setup after a DS build
JDK-8042868   install         Add lib/ext/jfxrt.jar to java.policy file
JDK-8044066   install         Broken "Javascrub" html page called mid-installation
JDK-8044515   install         Cannot restore sources lines in JUT from obfuscated stack-trace
JDK-8043756   install         Change JUT build infrastructure in order to support l10n
JDK-8047185   install         Create LocalizationTestTool
JDK-8046634   install         ERROR: -- Exec: jaureg call failed
JDK-8042352   install         Enterprise MSIs need to be Added to the BOM
JDK-8042436   install         IT:  Company logo cut off from completion dialog 
JDK-8042349   install         JRT - log list of JREs being removed from system
JDK-8042350   install         JRT should not remove unreleased JREs
JDK-8046537   install         JUT localization
JDK-8042430   install         Java items on Start Menu still exist, even after all JREs from the system are removed.
JDK-8043912   install         Need "NOSTARTMENU" command line parameter for JDK 
JDK-8043480   install         Need to Update the verify applet URL for jdk9 to fix auto sync issue from 8ux
JDK-8044035   install         RPM internal names must match the standard bundle file name patterns
JDK-8004716   install         Remove JavaDB binaries from install repository
JDK-8046514   install         Russian text is clipped in selection pane
JDK-8042080   install         SDK installer can not run on windows zh_CN and ja
JDK-8038617   install         Several dialogs are unexpectedly displayed when installing with "/s"
JDK-8042957   install         The new au64 project has several issues
JDK-8044173   install         VPAT: "Uninstall out-of-date versions" dialogs - JAWS issues
JDK-8043777   install         VPAT: "Uninstall out-of-date versions" dialogs - keyboard a11y issue
JDK-8040910   install         [8u20 b09] False out-of-date Java was shown in the Java removal tool
JDK-8043059   install         [8u20] Copyright needs to reflect 2014
JDK-8039437   install         [8u20b09 PIT respin] custom jre files not removed when uninstall
JDK-8042720   install         [8u20b14 PIT] Final error  dialog NOT show up for jre installer
JDK-8027674   install         [JDK 8 b115_PIT] "Installation Failed" window title has unwanted trailing quotes
JDK-8040925   install         [MSI] FIU dialog appears when uninstall MSI with Java App running
JDK-8040930   install         [MSI] Some files left after uninstalled 32bit JRE if 64bit JRE exists
JDK-8040924   install         [MSI] Start menu is not created when install MSI with NOSTARTMENU=0
JDK-8046494   install         [Nightly] 64-bit AU didn't work for NEXTBLD
JDK-8043193   install         [msi] file permission is RX for everyone else for installed SB or DRS files
JDK-8038734   install         [msi] reinstallation issue
JDK-8038387   install         [nightly] 64 bit AU is disabled
JDK-8032082   install         evar50 not reporting all installed browsers correctly
JDK-8025914   install         hardcoded messages in jdk custom setup dialog
JDK-8044669   install         incorrect AU localization for zh_CN and zh_TW
JDK-7166597   install         java binaries (java.exe, javaw.exe) should not be copied to the system dir
JDK-8042776   install         removal tool should also remove older non-static versions of the same JRE family being installed
JDK-8041773   install         rpm downgrade does not work
JDK-8046547   install         zh_TW is not detected
JDK-8047723   other-libs      @since tag cleanup in jaxp
JDK-8044866   other-libs      Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in asm
JDK-7095856   other-libs      OutputStreamHook doesn't handle null values
JDK-8048021   other-libs      Remove @version tag in jaxp repo
JDK-8048080   security-libs   (smartcardio) javax.smartcardio.Card.openLogicalChannel() dosn't work on MacOSX
JDK-8042053   security-libs   Broken links to jarsigner and keytool docs in java.security package summary
JDK-8048073   security-libs   Cannot read ccache entry with a realm-less service name
JDK-8029994   security-libs   Support "include" and "includedir" in krb5.conf
JDK-8046046   security-libs   Test sun/security/pkcs11/Signature/TestDSAKeyLength.java fails intermittently on Solaris 11 in 8u40 nightly
JDK-8048511   security-libs   Uninitialised memory in jdk/src/share/native/sun/security/jgss/wrapper/GSSLibStub.c
JDK-8027575   security-libs   b113 causing a lot of memory allocation and regression for wls_webapp_atomics
JDK-8015081   security-libs   javax.security.auth.Subject.toString() throws NPE
JDK-8047721   tools           @since should have JDK version
JDK-8046451   tools           Add basic IntelliJ support for langtools
JDK-8047407   tools           Add test for JDK-8037385
JDK-8044546   tools           Crash on faulty reduce/lambda
JDK-8007307   tools           DPrinter: support the DocTree API
JDK-8046060   tools           Different results of floating point multiplication for lambda code block
JDK-6707032   tools           Division by zero warning not suppressed properly in some cases
JDK-8046613   tools           Fill in missing doc comments
JDK-8046614   tools           Fill in missing doc comments
JDK-8044236   tools           Group 4: create .out files for DefiniteAssignment tests in tools/javac dir
JDK-8044864   tools           Group 5a: .out files for enum tests in tools/javac dir
JDK-8046770   tools           Group 6: .out files for assert, boxing, overload, and completion tests in tools/javac dir
JDK-8047719   tools           Incorrect LVT in switch statement
JDK-8047183   tools           JDK build fails with sjavac enabled
JDK-8044748   tools           JVM cannot access constructor though ::new reference although can call it directly
JDK-8042759   tools           Lambda returning implicitly-typed lambdas considered pertinent to applicability 
JDK-8044737   tools           Lambda: NPE while obtaining method reference through lambda expression
JDK-8048905   tools           More tweaking with langtools intellij support
JDK-7196160   tools           Project Coin: allow @SafeVarargs on private methods
JDK-8032188   tools           Remove dead code in TransTypes
JDK-8048162   tools           Restrict catch type from Throwable to ReflectiveOperationException
JDK-8046071   tools           Set 1: update three javadoc tests for empty <p> tag
JDK-8047300   tools           Set 2: update tools/javadoc/6227454 test for missing <DOCTYPE> tags
JDK-8047303   tools           Set 3: update com/sun/javadoc/DocRootSlash/DocRootSlash for unexpected </a>
JDK-8047316   tools           Set 4: update javadoc tests to fix tidy warning for incorrect html comment
JDK-8047743   tools           Set 5: update com/sun/javadoc/testHref for unrecognized <action>
JDK-8047744   tools           Set 6: update 2 javadoc tests for nested emphasis <code>
JDK-8048168   tools           Set 7: update 2 javadoc tests to add summary attribute for table tag
JDK-8048293   tools           Set 8: update tools/javadoc/6227454 to have missing <head> tag
JDK-8046337   tools           Test closed/tools/pack200/MemoryAllocatorTest.java fails on windows-i586
JDK-8048594   tools           The sjavac client/server protocol should be hidden behind an interface
JDK-8038776   tools           VerifyError when running successfully compiled java class
JDK-8047157   tools           [javadoc] fixup tests for determinism and add classes uses
JDK-8047162   tools           [javadoc] index files are non deterministic
JDK-8041648   tools           do while loop that misses ending semicolon has wrong end position
JDK-8042345   tools           getDocComment()  fails for doc comments on PackageElement found in package-info.java
JDK-8037404   tools           javac NPE or VerifyError for code with constructor reference of inner class
JDK-8048121   tools           javac complex method references: revamp and simplify
JDK-8038182   tools           javac crash with FunctionDescriptorLookupError for invalid functional interface
JDK-8034147   tools           javac crashes with a NullPointerException during bounds checking
JDK-8047341   tools           lambda reference to inner class in base class causes LambdaConversionException
JDK-5077522   xml             Duration.compare incorrect for some values
JDK-8037948   xml             Improve documentation for org.w3c.dom package
JDK-8023276   xml             Java SE should include the full DOM API from JAXP
JDK-8028067   xml             [TEST_BUG] : Incorrect BIT_FLAG is being set for Solaris

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