Please look at my JEP

Andrew Haley aph at
Fri Jul 11 08:19:16 UTC 2014

On 10/07/14 22:28, Vladimir Kozlov wrote:
> The proposed JEP is fine from my view. I added myself as reviewer to the 
> JEP and send it to Mikael for Hotspot architect review.

Excellent, thank you.

> It would be helpful if you can estimate how many patches you will have 
> to understand what Oracle efforts/resources would be needed (reviews, 
> preparing closed changes, pushes).

Sure, I get that.  It all depends on what you mean by "a patch".  I can do
the whole thing as a single patch for everything outside the aarch64-
specific directories.  I'll prepare a webrev.

> As David pointed we in Oracle are also learning JEP 2.0 process.
> Small note. There is no more HSX or Hotspot project for jdk9. We have 
> only one jdk9 project with Mark Reinhold as lead. He is final judge of 
> all jdk9 JEPs.

Okay.  Mark suggested to me that, to begin with, I should be engaging with
the Hotspot team.


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